Greetings from Indian Wells!

It was a hectic morning Saturday taking down our tent site and loading the bus but, in the end, the team managed to get all the equipment on the bus and clean out our places at Western Indian Ministries. We stopped along the way at Hubbell Trading Post. It’s a national historic site run by the National Park Service. It’s the longest continuously running trading post in the country. After a picnic lunch and a short visit through the visitor center and shops, we continued our journey to Tse Bii’ Otseel Bible Church. The team built showers and setup the tent site while local Navajo church members gathered to feed us a wonderful Navajo Taco Supper. It was HOT dry and windy but the team got it done and we moved all of our luggage, team gear and tools into place. There is no running water here so Pastor Mike Calvin drove a 500 gallon tank full of drinking water from Flagstaff for us to use. A huge ‘Thank You’! We are learning to conserve our precious water and limit what we use for bathing and laundry this week. 

On Sunday, the team gave a full presentation and Kyan, one of our leaders, gave the morning Sermon. He did great. It was probably the most restful day we’ve had so far… and was much needed after strong winds kept much of the team awake on Saturday night.

We plan to begin our projects to help the church and some needy widows and single parents this coming week. We’d appreciate extra prayer that all of the supplies and other logistics fall into place so that we can complete our goals in the short time we have. The nearest hardware store is about an hour away… Home Depot is two hours from here.

From our team members:

It’s been a pleasure being here. I have to say that this trip has been very hard yet very rewarding. Jesus has been my Rock. Indian Wells is the prettiest place I’ve ever been. I love seeing our team work together and seeing everyone grow closer to God. Thank you to all the supporters and for those praying for me.   — Rachel D.

Hi I am Hannah!  This is definitely a very difficult summer. Being a former team member (FTM) is a lot different than I thought it would be. I am truly enjoying it. Through all the difficulties it has made me draw really close to God. I am really being encouraged by this summer and my team members are really uplifting. We now are living in Indian Wells. It is really hot and today we went to the church service. We did a good job today. I can not wait to see what God has in store for us here. Thank you for all your guys support. Hannah C.

We are now in Indian Wells and it’s weird because it says Indian Wells but there is no water. I’ve been enjoying the team and spending time with them unpacking the whole bus full of everyone’s stuff. I also love worshipping with the team. So far, I love this summer and it’s fun and everything’s awesome.  — Jay D.

Hey, we finally left Window Rock and are now comfortable with our new home site for a week. We have learned new stuff from our leaders. This team is getting stronger, more hard working, and more caring for each other. This trip is helping us grow stronger and closer with God. The team is trying new things out and getting stuff done around Window Rock and Indian Wells. So yea… thanks for your prayers for this team… 

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