Hello from the town of La Esperanza, Honduras!

Hello from the town of La Esperanza in the mountains of Honduras!  I am sorry that there have been no reports from us for the past two days… we have not had access to internet.  But the team is safe and doing a great job using puppets, dramas, and songs to share the gospel here in the mountains.  They have performed presentations for everyone from children at a school on their Cultural Day to the congregation of the church in which we are staying. 

 Many of the team members have purchased hammocks which are now hung up in the sanctuary of a Christian Missionary Alliance church pastored by a former Teen Missions Bible school student here in Honduras.  It is a bit chilly here, so we are in a nearby town to buy warmer clothes and more blankets for those in need of them.  The church we are staying in is very nice with a modern kitchen, electricity, and even toilets that flush! (we feel spoiled after the bucket flushing toilets of Boot Camp). 

Yesterday the team also went door-to-door distributing tracts and sharing the gospel with a help of a translator.  Today we are attending a second church service here in La Esperanza and doing another presentation for that service.  We are also practicing Bible memory verses and will have a special time for Bible memory quizzing to compete against each other.  Yesterday too we started having a special Bible study time for just the girls on the team and another for just the guys… something former team members remember from their previous trip(s) and have been looking forward to.

Please pray for continued health and safety for our team and that God would use us to expand His kingdom and share His love here among the Linca Indian people of the mountains.  



  1. Hello, Can you recommend a good church in La Esperanza? My 25 old son is teaching english in a town near by. He would like to meet other spanish speaking and english speaking believers.

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