Malawi Well Drilling update

After a day of shopping, washing clothes and repacking we prepared for our five hour trip to the bush and our project site.  The first two hours we were in a mini bus and the last three hours we packed into the TMI 4-ton truck and bounced our way to our village. It was a tight fit and dusty, but oh what an adventure.  

We arrived at our village and were greeted by the MSSM circuit riders and a married couple Precious and Anna who oversee the work here.  We unloaded, set up our tents and got organized.  Our kitchen is a big white tent; we cook with propane on the inside and have a charcoal burner right outside for boiling water.  Mr. Maher got our water filter set up and we are good to go. 

The weather is odd.  It’s cold in the evenings and early mornings.  When the sun is out it is intense and we all need to wear sun screen.  It has also been sprinkling rain a bit.  It gets dark at 6 but the stars are beautiful as are the sunrises and sunsets.  

We are divided into two work groups as we can only have so many on the well rig at once.  Group A is Alex,Matthew,Cami,Claire,Joelle,Sarah,Mariela,Eden and Group B is Andrew, Harrison, Amanda, Jordyn, Emma,Olivia, Coco and Lauren.  KP rotates from which ever group is on the rig and prayer closet rotates from the other group.  The other work group is slashing property today and when the children arrive they will do drama and puppets.  

It is dusty and a few of the kids are starting to get head colds from the weather change.  After supper we have a salt water gargle party.  

In the evenings we have our team devotions around a campfire.  Eden was the first to share.  

Our schedule is:  
Rise and shine 5:30
Go for a water run at the borehole down the road.   And do laundry.

Breakfast is 7

Devotions at 7:30-8:00

Work starts at 8:15 til noon

After lunch we do Bible class. Then work til 5.  library is from 5-5:30. 

We then have supper.  

GG classes are 6:30-7:30

Group devotions from 7:30 to 8:00 then bed.  Lights out by 8:45.  

The team enjoys playing with the area children.  In the afternoons we can have up to 50 here.  They enjoy soccer and duck, duck goose.  

We are excited to be here and look forward to all God has planned for us. Thank you for your prayers they mean so much.  



  1. Glad to hear all is going well! Keeping working every day for the purpose the Lord gives you! I am continuing to pray for you & the community you are part of for this time!

  2. Shirley kooistra

    Sounds like you are doing great. God bless you all.

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