PEI team rides into Georgetown

Going back a little…Our last days at Boot Camp have flown bye!  We had a busy time as we prepared to leave Florida.  The team was ready to go and worked so hard to finish everything. Our commissioning service was beautiful.  Each of our team members chose to light their candle and take the Gospel of Jesus to every place we go.  We are all excited to see where the Lord allows us to share.

We spent Monday packing and were ready to get on the road.  The timing was perfect because just as we were coming into  Jacksonville, we were able to see the biggest fireworks show!  What a treat. We are seeing so many things that God blesses us with.

Our drive went well.  The kids kept asking about which state we were going through.  They had a lot of time to relax, catch up on memory work, and even do their library time.  We did notice how the temperature was changing and getting cooler.  That should have been a clue of what was to come.  We were able to drive straight through and arrive on Wednesday evening.

Since that time we have had a lot of rain and cold weather.  We went to a thrift store here in town to get a few warm things.  The team rode into Georgetown to share.   The ride was a long one, but each one made it.  We will be doing two presentations in the local  nursing homes today, as well as share with everyone we meet.  We hope to share at a local soup kitchen too.

Overall, our time is going well.  We are enjoying your children very much.  We are seeing many grow as they share what God is teaching them. Please continue to pray for us.


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  1. Fred & Susan Wilson

    Thanks so much for the update. We are praying for all of you and know that God will reveal Himself in incredible & mighty ways as the team serves Him. Our granddaughter, Laurel Burcham, is on the team and we can’t wait to hear all of the amazing things she has experienced. Thank you for your leadership & service to the Kingdom.

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