Poland has unique cultural experiences!

Hey everyone!

Your European travelers have returned safely from Germany! The wedding was a magnificent blend of both Polish and German culture.  The wedding itself was a time of worship and praise to God that we could all understand, and join in on, despite the language barrier. The people were more than thrilled to have our help in the set up and cleanup of the reception.  Virginia and William teamed up to spread banners and Hannah S. and Aryn hung balloons around the small park where the reception was held. The day of the wedding they were in great need of help in the kitchen, so our team took turns helping with dishes and setting up for the meals. Our team was able to socialize and eat… And eat again… And eat some more. At one point there was eight tables laden with just desert. All the team was in food heaven. It was a very good, and very yummy, cultural experience.

During the reception we were also able to get to know a few of the people as we helped to serve. It was really neat to see the kids interacting and learning. Joshua, Katie J, and some others were able to make a few friends their own ages who enjoyed the opportunity to get to know us, as well as help them to better their English. It was a very unique experience, even if all the traveling left us a bit tired. We are grateful for the blessing it was to be a part of something so beautiful.

                We are now getting back to a normal schedule for work and classes.


“Poland is such a beautiful place. The days are warm and the nights are freezing. I’m thankful that we’re staying in the dorms in a church. The Polish missionaries that we are working with are very nice and speak great English. I’m looking forward to teaching English and evangelizing. “Poland! By Faith!”  -Allie S.



“Poland is an amazing country to be working in. Staying in rooms is way better than tents; it gets really cold at night. We are all very thankful to have rooms, travel to Germany, and a great team. Everyone we’ve met is so nice and very helpful. Hopefully we’ll start teaching English soon. It’s been an amazing trip so far.”  -Hannah H.


Until next time!


Love from Poland,

Team Poland

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  1. Thank you for the good report…sounds like a great experience for all. We are glad to hear all is well; praise the Lord!!!

    Shout out to Erik H.

    Don and Memy

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