Team Australia is Busy Down Under!

At the Teen Missions’ Australia base, our team finds its rhythm in daily construction and Bible work. Tasks include continued trenching, tree and concrete removal, Bible memorization and marking, KP duty, prayer and evangelism.

The weather has been cool and great to work in. No rain yet, mostly sunny. Pete B. says “I’m enjoying the great weather here. No humidity!”

On Saturday, much of the team enjoyed a steep hike to a high lookout point. There they could see the Pacific and lots of Queensland. 

Yesterday, our team served at a local church by performing to the 6-12 year-old Sunday school class. Through music, games and a short Bible story, we were able to encourage the Australian youth in the local body of believers. There was a time at the end where our team answered questions as to why they are here. They did a great job in presenting and handled themselves well.

In the afternoon during free time, most of the team dared to test the waters of the base’s swimming pool. That was short-lived since it was quite cold! But of course, this didn’t stop the fearless teenagers from trying.

Each morning, we wake to find many visitors to our eating area. These are the 20+ kangaroos that are pretty tame and carefree. They have been fun to watch—especially the babies carried in the mama’s pouch! They are harmless and we keep our distance. James says, “I wish I could pet one since they are furry and friendly.”

Before lunch, we work on construction projects, devotions and Bible marking. Also, laundry time happens. Then after lunch, we work for 4 hours. This leads to dinner and shower time, along with additional group meetings.

Evan (Johnathan) says, “Australia is one the best places! I’m really having fun.”

The group continues to grow closer, functioning closely as a team. This has allowed us to accomplish a fair amount on the work project—even with a smaller team!

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