Trinidad receives warm welcome everywhere!

Our first week spent in Trinidad has been a wonderful success! The week was packed, and held a variety of activities and experiences. First, the team has made great progress on the work project. They completed the trench and have been using an auger drill bit to drill holes along the trench to insert rebar supports. Concrete is then poured into the holes which hold the rebar and will be support for the pillars along the wall. Soon the team will pour the concrete foundation and begin to lay blocks as we work our way down the wall! Second, the team has been blessed to share in fellowship with many of the church members. Several teams from the church have cooked meals, and we attended church services on Thursday night and Sunday morning. We have been so warmly welcomed and hosted all throughout our stay, and the church has been eager to get to know the team and pour into us. Third, on Saturday the pastor and other church members took the team to a beach nearby and the whole team enjoyed the beautiful sunshine and ocean! The views are breathtaking! On the way back, we stopped for snacks and were able to try “Bake and Shark” which is a favorite around here. 

The team is looking forward to another packed week. We are continuing with the work project and also helping out with the church VBS program. 

Please continue to pray for good health for the team and for speed in completing the work project. 


The people here are very humble and joyful. They make us food and we are getting a taste of their culture. One thing I enjoy most is evening Bible Study/Team Devotions when we learn more about our team members and get to hear their testimonies. -Hannah B.

We’ve spent a week in Trinidad already and it’s going pretty well. We’re making progress on the work project but getting covered in mud. We are close to actually starting to lay bricks. The people here have exemplified what it is to outwardly express their faith.  -Shane B. 

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