Zambia’s busy few days

After commissioning, Zambia E&M relished the comforts and conveniences of air conditioned dorms for four nights!  Two days after commissioning were spent taking down Big Top One and Two and moving other odds and ends into hibernation.  We were also included in helping in the kitchen for each meal until our departure on July 7.  

We really moved up the  totem pole with an overnight stay at Hampton Inn, in Washington DC, during our first night of travel.  Our team of seventeen has done well with moving thirty-eight duffels.  Thru travel, our biggest challenges were dealing with the emotional needs of the team and  many of our duffels being opened by security and needing to be retied with a short string.  A couple of the duffels have lost their handles, which deprives the duffel of a secure tag, so we are praying about their arrival.  

We were glad to see Robert and Dora Yoder, Zambia TMI staff, at the airport in Ndola.  We arrived at the Zambia TMI base Sat. evening with thankful hearts.  We all made the trip safely in good health along with all of our duffels!  However, a few food items were damaged during shipment, necessitating a clean-up  of the inside of one duffel.  We used the few short hours of remaining daylight by erecting our motels for the night.  Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches satisfied our appetites Sat. evening with one team member delightfully commenting it was the first one she ever had! 

Robert and Dora blessed us by fixing breakfast Sun. morning, with French toast and oranges.  We then enjoyed services at the Ndola City Chapel, where we were challenged to make the most of the time we have.   Sunday afternoon found the team reading and holding a memory verse quiz-off.  Jonah H., Ana S., Micah W., and Eddy D. successfully quizzed out.  Tonight, we anticipate a Birthday cake, in honor of Emma M., who is sixteen today!

Tomorrow, following some shopping for supplies for our mission, we travel to our first rescue unit in Luswihi, a five hour journey.  We are still adjusting to sub-Florida temperatures, but are anticipating our time with Zambia E&M.  Thank you for your continued prayers. 



  1. Harold Melching

    Wishing Emma M. Love, happiness and a joyous belated birthday. Love you tons Young One

  2. Lorna Mjolsness

    Thinking a praying God blessings and protection on the whole team and that God will use you mightly in the days ahead

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