Greetings from Cambodia

Greetings from Cambodia and what a journey it was getting here!  By the time we arrive back in Florida, we will have literally traveled all the way around the world!   We traveled from Orlando to New York and then a 15 hour flight to Guangzhou China and then a 2 1/2 hour flight to Siem Reap.  When we arrived in Siem Reap, we quickly realized there was no one waiting to pick us up.  Thankfully, our leader, Shannon Bobb, knew the way to the base.  We hired two vans, loaded our things and set out for the TMI base.   Shannon made sure to tell the driver the second van to stay close and follow his driver because he was the only one who knew where we were going.   So much gets lost in translation and the driver of the second van found the need to stop to put air in the tires and get gas.   Thankfully, Shannon realized we weren’t following behind and they doubled back and caught us.   After that, we arrived without incident and we were welcomed by the staff and students here.   We have had a quiet few days here getting rested and prepared to journey on to the Kampong Chhanang base on Monday.   The team is enjoying spending time on the rooftop of the building here.  It’s breezy and peaceful up there three stories above the city.  On Friday night, we ventured out to the night market and had an amazing time taking in the sights and sounds of Cambodia.  The first thing we did was have our feet treated to a special pampering but letting fish eat the dead skin.  It was quite an experience!   We browsed the market, ate street food and rode in Tuk-tuks.    I think we all agree that Cambodia is pretty awesome.  

Today (Sunday) the team left to travel 60 km. to help at two Sunday schools.   They were all so excited as they pulled away.  They are ready for an adventure and to get starting doing ministry here.   

Rachel has been enjoying getting to know the BMW students here and learning new recipes.  Levi, Josh, Noah and Kyle love their “home” on the rooftop.  They have tents set up there and that is where they sleep.   Alethia has been the source of snacks since she has so much candy left from Commissioning.  🙂   Celeste conquered her verse review!  Claire has been brave to try new foods–the team got a taste of rambutan (a strange fruit here).

Thank you for your prayers during our travel.  Keep praying–specifically for continued good health, safety on these crazy roads and team unity.  The team members all get along really well.  They are a great bunch of kids!

We miss you all but we are having an awesome time!!!

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