Greetings from Koboko

Greetings!! We are so excited to be here. In Jinja, we have been resting and unpacking and working on catching up on memory very verses and getting the shoes ready for ministry. Early Saturday morning (4am) we made the long journey to Koboko (16 hours) longer with a stop to fix the brakes. We made it to Koboko with no other problem. Everyone loves Uganda. We are doing well. The weather has been great, coolness and only a little rain. And now a little something from almost everybody.

Connor T. – Hey family! I miss you guys a ton. Uganda is great!! I totally love it. I think of you all the time! Love you!!

Ana. D – Uganda is so awesome! No cockroaches yet. I miss y’all so much!

Grace K. – Mom, your fear is real because I’m never leaving.

Alex R. It’s great here and I love it! I’m coming back sometime and you guys should too. Love and miss you.

Kayla D. – Hi family!! Uganda is so neat!! But I miss you all so much!! I am taking lots of pics. And can’t wait to be home to show and tell you guys about it! Will send a letter soon. –Love you!!

Audrey F. –Yo 901! First day in Jinja! Supa stoked! Travel went fast. Got to sort through shoes today which made me excited to see the kiddos. Eating pizza. Love and miss you guys.

Madison – Aye frandz and family, Uganda is incredible! I love and miss you guys!

Tiffany – Words can’t describe what I feel right now! Uganda is absolutely beautiful! Love ya! Mama, Dad, Bubs and Jacob!

Kate H. – Hey Mom and Maxwell! Uganda is beautiful. Miss you and love you both so much. I saw a monkey today.

Sam F. – This is short and sweet! Uganda is the best. Food is great and so are the friends and leaders.

Baker M. – Hi Mom! I just drank an avocado shake and I bought an awesome shirt. Riding in the truck is fun. PH! I misses u. I luv it here! 

Adam S. – Hey Snyder family and friends, Africa is awesome. God is great and Ugandan food includes lots of peanuts. Happy Birthday Mom, I love you so much!! You’re the happiest woman I know and an inspiration! See you guys soon!

Kate V. – Hey guys, I’m alive and well, I love it here. See you soon. P.S. I haven’t washed my hair in forever, it’s great.

Isaiah – Hey family, I miss you guys a lot and am having a blast. Can’t wait to see you guys in a few weeks. Happy Birthday Ivy!!

Hannah M. – Now I see why people fall in love with Africa when they come. I thank God for safety while traveling from FL to Uganda. I can’t wait to show God’s love to the children.


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