Hello from wonderful Madagascar

Since our last report on Thursday when we arrived,we have settled in and begun our somewhat “routine” schedule. On Friday we took out the motorcycles that we will be riding and started to get them ready for the adventures ahead. The team worked together to change the oil, recharge and replace the batteries, and wash the motorcycles. Unfortunately, we were only able to get 6 or 7 motorcycles started on that day, so we are having a mechanic come out to finish repairing the rest so that we can start the circuit riding as soon as possible. Since we had gotten as much done on the bikes as possible, we worked outside around the property yesterday morning. We helped take down four very large trusses, clean up construction sites, work on some roofing, as well as leading a “Sunday School” for some of the local kids. They played games and spent time with the kids, and those that were able to work with the kids said that it has been one of the most enjoyable experiences they have ever had. After a busy morning of work, we started the afternoon off with some classes, finished with a short drive over to the Indian Ocean. We were able to spend a few hours at the beach bonding as a team and enjoying the beautiful weather and culture that we have here. Fresh coconuts, snacks and drinks, hair braiding, and other fun activities were available to the team members during our time at the beach. Everyone, even including myself (who doesn’t really like the beach), had a great time yesterday afternoon. 
We continue to learn more about serving Christ with our attitudes and loving others in humility. We can always use prayer for safety, health, and strength from the Lord as we continue our work. We are very excited to see what God has in store for us this summer. 

– “We are loving life in Madagascar! Today we got to play with the Sunday School kids for a while. Then we went to the beach & got to try some local snacks. Our team is already bonding with the local kids and learning a little Malagasy. We’re pumped to start riding on Monday.” – Mallory Adams

“Traveling was fun but very long. The long van ride to the Madagascar base was exciting. I think my van driver was a race car driver but we made it to the base safe.” – BJ Kostner

“This trip has already placed so many memories in my mind. From the airports, to traveling, to layovers, to a long bus ride on crazy roads with my team all night long. We’ve already been able to experience teaching songs and playing games with the kids. They just love us! Our team had the opportunity to go to the beach for the afternoon and that was nice because it felt a little like home to me. God is already doing great things in my life, and I can’t wait to see what else He has in store for our team this summer.” – Isabella Spurlin

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  1. Ginger Satterfield Scally

    I am so excited for you all and am praying for you. My former church in Orlando, FL has a missionary in Madagascar. The International Mission Board has several families placed throughout the country there. It is my hope to be there one day as a medical missionary. I am a former TMI team member from 1978 Grand Canyon evangelistic team and the 1979 Italy work team. Oh to be young again:-). Enjoy your experience and keep sowing the Seed.

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