Hola from La Esperanza, Honduras! 

Hola from La Esperanza, Honduras!  The team continues evangelism through presentations of drama, music, and puppets among the Linca Indian people of the mountains.  Yesterday the team biked 10 miles up and down some pretty steep slopes to perform at a kindergarten and an elementary school.  The team members also had the chance to purchase some shawls, headbands, scarves, and bags from local women who were selling them inside of the church in which we are staying.  On Sunday we performed as part of a church service where our head leader Chico Chicas preached and his wife Kathy Chicas translated for us confused English speakers 🙂  

Today the team went to a middle school to give a presentation and this afternoon we are back in the nearby town of La Esperanza to do street evangelism and distribute tracts in Spanish.  Gabriel is a pro at starting conversations, Augustyna is quick to pray with anyone we talk to, Olivia has a cheerful greeting for anyone we meet, and Daisy bravely found people for us to approach in the downtown area.  Tonight we continue our girls only and guys only Bible studies and it is Emerald’s turn to share a devotional with the team.  Today Diana and Seth S. are on kitchen help duty and doing a great job.  

Please continue to pray for health and safety as we bike in the mountains.  Please pray too that God will use our evangelistic efforts to continue furthering His kingdom.  


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  1. Thanks again for these updates. means a lot to see how they are doing. stay safe and healthy, special Hug to my Gdau Alyssa.

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