Finally the Fairs!

Greetings beloved families of our team members. The battle for the tri-state area has begun, we go to spiritual battle at the fairs knowing with full confidence that we have won the war, and are doing our best to reduce the casualties on the losing side. We saw five people commit their lives to Christ last night! We praise the Lord for adding brothers and sisters to the faith. We did one hundred and twenty-four surveys in four different counties, I am very proud of the team, they really took a stand and didn’t back down. They were zealous and bold as they shared about Jesus Christ.

Anthony, Satta, Natā, Sarah and myself were at the Pike county fair where we saw three people come to Christ it was great they did a great job jumping into sharing.

Dan, Shelly, Dodie, Shawna, Cale H, and Tone up went to Gibson County where they did fifty-six surveys and saw two people come to Christ.

Tami, Sherly, Anna, Caleb J, and Grayden went to Posie county where they did 8 surveys.

The whole team did a fantastic job at the fairs and we are looking forward to seeing more come to know Christ.

“I am very happy that God has used my life and the lives of my fellow team members to speak of Christ’s love, and learn more of God. We can make people smile about the name of Jesus. We pray that God will continue enabling us to win many lives to Christ! Praise the Lord!!!”  -Natān C

“I have learned so much about God. I have learned to share the Gospel with people at the different fairs. I like TTT, I like the classes a lot and I enjoy my team a lot. Each night we pray for the teams in the other countries. God bless you as He is blessing me!” Satta S

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  1. Great job everyone! Keep sharing love and sharing the word of Jesus!!
    Hope it’s cooler in Indiana than it is in Florida. Drink plenty of water and wear your sunscreen

  2. Mike and Jan Zettlemoyer

    We are praying for the team and glad to hear that God is using you at the fairs!

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