God Bless the Rains In Africa!

     It Rained!  Of course with rain comes cooler temperatures and a breeze which sent us running for our jackets during morning devotions, but it also cut down on the dust which was definitely a blessing.  The worst place to be is down wind from the dig site when shovels and picks are stirring up mini dust storms with every swing.  That being said, we have all the footers for the soon-to-be kitchen/dining hall dug to depth (about 3 ft deep and 1 ft wide) and are now starting the process of making and pouring the concrete.  The front of the building is looking good too, up to this point we’ve been “stucko’ing”.  Stucko is a mix of white paint and cement that we use to smooth out the buildings walls and it also acts as a base coat for the yellow paint that we will begin tomorrow.  It’s gonna look really nice when we finish!  

     I think the teams favorite time (next to meal time of course) is group devotions in the evening.  Each day we assign a teem member, not a leader, to lead a short devotional with the group.  The devotional is something that he/she feels God has been speaking to them and they want to share with the group.  Last night Brayden W. brought the word and it was ‘Sacrifice’.  Now we all know we’ve had to make sacrifices on this trip, such as trading showers for buckets of cold water and bedrooms for tents, but the focus was on how much God sacrificed Himself for us and what we were willing to give up for Him.  It’s really an awesome sight to see 18 teenagers who have counted the cost and willingly pick up their crosses for the cause of Christ.  I can’t wait to see how God is going to use each and every one of them for His Glory.


          It’s Beautiful here!  Everywhere you look are mountains and fields of sunflowers.  It hasn’t even been a week but we’ve all completely fallen in love with Tanzania.  We’ve had several opportunities to meet the local children and on one particular evening they taught us how to play a hand clapping game.  I was surprised to see how similar it was to a game I knew and we were able to connect across cultures using it.  It made me think how we could use it to communicate the gospel to them and show Gods love.       Kiley H.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

          Tanzania is amazing!  Right now we’re working on a footer for a new kitchen, painting the BMW building and harvesting sunflower seeds.  The first few days we were here you could see the mountain and it was amazing (right now it’s been cloudy),  God really is an Awesome God!  On Sunday we went to church and we all felt the Holy Spirit moving through us there.  It was really neat seeing them respond to the drama and understand the meaning even though it was wordless.  We all can’t wait for the next couple weeks and see what God has in store for us.    P.S.  Love you mom!     Erin B.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

           Hello, and greetings from a large mountain and a large body of water away.  Everyone here has been sneezing and getting used to all the dust and allergies but it’s been fun!  Before I get to deep about what is here I want to praise God for picking such a perfect team.  We’ve been digging the footings for a kitchen and been “puckoing” (paint + stucko = pucko) the front of the BMW building along with the daily sunflower harvesting time.  The common sounds are of rosters, cow bells and shovels working.  It reminds me of Iowa but instead of corn and soy, its corn and sunflowers.  If you don’t care about appearances you could go about 3-4 days without a bath (because you never sweet and the earth is 65% dust, 25% rock and 10% soil so you get dirty fast).  Once again, greetings from a mountain and a large body of water away, in Tanzania. Remington W. 



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  1. Thank you for the update. Very proud of you all, and thankful for grace you are sharing in Tanzania
    God has blessed you all

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