Greetings from rainy Cameroon!

Greetings rom rainy Cameroon!  The daily afternoon rains have gradually gotten longer and more intense.  Now it is beginning to rain in the mornings as well.  Clothes that have been on the clothesline for 3 days are still damp even when taken inside each night. We’ve switched our laundry time to after breakfast so clothes have the best chance of drying on the line during the brief window of sun we get in the late mornings.

The city of Bamenda was shut down yesterday due to a workers strike.  Every store and market stall was shut down so we were unable to buy food.  We were hoping to get fresh mangoes, pineapple, watermelon, green beans and cucumbers to supplement our diet as we are now eating meals high-starch meals with the Boot Camp.  For example, the daily breakfast is bread & butter with tea.  So, we’ve supplemented our team’s breakfast with boiled eggs and fruit juice.  But, thankfully we will be able to go shopping in town later today.

On Tuesday, during free time, the team headed down to the field for a friendly game of soccer.  It turned into quite the spectacle since the red clay of the field was slick with recent rain and there were more than a few puddles.  The team had loads of fun sliding around and after the first few slips and muddy knees, they gave up trying to keep clean and played their hearts out.  We had a bedraggled and soaked group of teens trudging up the hill for dinner, but there wasn’t one person who didn’t have a huge smile on their face.

The team has split up into three teaching teams to teach the music, drama and puppets classes during Cameroon Boot Camp.  The drama team is Lucas, Jazmine, JonMichael, Anthony & Kelly.  The music team is Anna Y., Anna M., Luke C. and Mikhaela.  Puppets will be taught by Madeline, Luke B. (aka “Cam”), Judah & Caleb.

Everyone is ahead of schedule on their verses.  The Lukes (Cam & Luke C.) have already said all 40 verses and Luke C. is working on memorizing Ephesians 6 as well.  The team enjoys the competition of quizzing and have asked to practice quizzing on a near daily basis (as opposed to the traditional 1x per week).  After joining us late, even Mikhaela is now caught up with the team on verses.

It is Boot Camp Orientation day today, so our team is now out judging and coaching the Cameroonian teams through the O.C. for the first time.  Over 70 kids have arrived for Boot Camp this year and are split into 40 teams.


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  1. Praying for your team Jazzy for strength, good health, to slow down on the rain, no more strike and many salvations among the residents you touch.

    I know God is on the move!

    Sarah Wilcox

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