Cambodia does first MSSM Circuit

Hello from Cambodia!  Sunday the team was able to go out on their first MSSM circuit. The team went to two different locations to share Bible stories, songs and dramas. They had a great time riding in the back of the truck and playing with the children.  Josh was great with the little kids. Noah and Levi helped to teach English to the little kids   Alethia, Claire, Celeste, and Rachel shared songs with the children.

From Alethia:  Going out on Sunday to do MSSM was really cool. We were able to teach the kids phonics and English. It was really cool being able to interact with the kids and help the BMW students spread the gospel. We were able to learn a song from the kids and then also we were able to teach them songs. It was really awesome getting to experience what mssm was like it made me really excited.

From Rachael: Today was amazing. We did our first official MSSM on bikes. The village was beautiful and the children were so much fun. It went pretty smoothly and er told the story of David and Goliath. We still have our ups and downs and I’m sure we will have many more. Thank you for your prayers.

Monday we left Siem Reap and traveled 5 hours by van to the other Teen Missions base.  The team has more to do here. We are working around the property doing fence repairs and such and we are getting things ready for the upcoming Boot Camp this fall. We also worked on the bikes to get them ready to go out to the different locations.

The base here is very peaceful.  Many of the team members have said it feels like we are camping.  

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