Hello from China!

Hello from China!  The China team is bringing to become much more comfortable with their role at the camp.  Every morning the entire team works together on different construction projects around camp.  Over the past few days this has included leveling the old pond that we demolished last week in order to transform the space into an outdoor amphitheater.  Meanwhile, another group has been working on tearing down a portion of an exterior wall in order to repair it.  In the afternoon the team is divided up into small groups.  Ten team members have been partnered with Chinese teams and are participating in camp activities alongside them.  Other team members have been recruited to help with games.  Garrett has been helping with archery.  The team members are enjoying interacting with the Chinese campers.  Today the entire team boarded a bus to travel to a local park.  They helped play an afternoon long game with the campers.  It was an exciting and complex game, although everyone returned smiling!  Mealtime at camp has been good.  We share meals with the campers and try to eat with new campers each meal.  For breakfast we are offered both “Western” and Chinese breakfast options.  Our lady leaders try to make sure we have a  little bit of home at each meal, today it was has browns & eggs.  For lunch we enjoy a Chinese meal.  It has been fun to watch the team members learn to use chopsticks.  Then at dinnertime our lady leaders, and their KP (kitchen patrol) helpers, create a “Western” meal for the entire camp.  Tonight we had taco soup with corn bread.  The campers are always eager to try our “Western” foods.  

As we look ahead, we are excited to start some new projects around the property.  We are hoping to being to build a viewing platform for the camp, so they can enjoy the evening starts (when the pollution levels are low enough).  We have appreciated your prayers and ask that you continue to lift us up as we use friendship evangelism to demonstrate the love of Christ to these campers.

“Wow.  So far, that’s all I can say.  China is so amazingly beautiful, and you can see God’s craftsmanship in every little piece of this country.  As most people know, China’s air is very polluted, and I can tell you first hand that it is true,but I’ve noticed a little analogy that it makes.  You can always see the smog, but once in a while there are some clear patches, like the Christianity here.  Anyways, today we went to a gigantic park and did a little scavenger hunt with the campers.  The kids are very sweet and affectionate and the elderly people love hearing me speak Chinese.  I have only been here one day, but I know that this summer will be very amazing.  Keep praying for us!” – Sam J.

“China is cool!  I’ve been topped three times because locals wanted to take pictures with me. Even though there is no hot water (big surprise when I turned on the water, btw), and we still have to sleep in tents, I have to remember that this is not about me, nor is it all going to last forever.  Love you Mom & Dad!” – Alathea R.

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