Forest Angels all Fired Up!

Fired Up

To serve the Lord…now that we’re here at Ocala, some of the team members are chomping at the bit to get out there and tell others about Jesus. Many of them have shared how they plan to approach someone when they get the opportunity to do so. We just finished an evangelism class on using the Wordless Book/Bracelet as a tool to share Christ. Each member from today’s class- Kayla, Anica, Haley, Dalton, Josh, Ruth, and Chloe-is now wearing a Wordless Bracelet in preparation of meeting someone with whom to share. 

Fired Up

in the prayer closet…since Boot Camp we have instituted an hourly prayer closet where team members take turns praying for each other and other prayer requests. This afternoon much prayer was offered on behalf of our team members who are out on the trail. Thank you Bode, Chloe, and Josh for praying for us all this afternoon!

Fired Up

to get out on the mini bikes! Thank you Mr. Seth and Mr. James for “trial running” our trail last night in preparation of today’s ride. We’re anxious for word from today’s riders- Shane, Chaz, Keaton, Esther, and Eli.

Fired Up

For KP…team members further hone their food preparation skills by faithfully serving up yummy food and doing the behind the scenes of food service. Thank you Nathan and Grace for tonight’s much anticipated dinner!

So from Ocala National Forest…until next time!

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  1. Am really glad to see you and Eli,hope your learning about the Lord,and helping others.Love and Miss you guys. love Gramps

  2. Thank you all for your faithful service to the Lord.
    God bless you Nathan and all who walk in the Soirit of Jesus name , amen

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