Greetings from beautiful Guatemala!

We’ve been enjoying waking up every morning to the a sight of the majestic mountains that surround us. At night, we can see the twinkle of the lights of Guatemala City spread across the valley floor. On clear nights we can even see the orange glow of an erupting volcano in the distance! God’s creation here truly is beautiful!

Work continues to go well at the children’s home. The team has been working hard and is making great progress. We have completed the block laying on the first section of the stairway and are now pouring the horizontal concrete beams. Block laying continues to go well on the dormitory and we should be ready to pour concrete there later this week. We have also begun painting some of the dorm rooms in one of the existing buildings. 

We’ve been interrupted by rain at the worksite several times this week, but usually it passes quickly and it’s back to work.  It can be quite a dramatic sight to see rain storms sweeping down the mountainside and through the valley below as the dirt roads swell into rivers. We had a group of team members go the second mile yesterday when one of those storms suddenly came across the mountains while they were pouring concrete. They worked through the rain and although they got soaked, they got the job done and seemed to enjoy the challenge. Way to go Lane, Justin, Elias, Jacob, Tsione, and Kaitlyn!

Today, we started teaching English classes to the children at Nuevo Rito.  It’s a valuable skill for the kids in Guatemala to learn and will help them get better jobs to support themselves as they get older. Several team members each day will get a chance to help them learn the language. So far Grace, Sabrina, Elena, and Will have done a great job!

Cooking has been an adjustment at our altitude here in the mountains, but the team members have pitched in and helped a lot. Thanks to Mrs. Sharon and Ms. Brumbelow for keeping the team well fed. 

Thank you for your prayers and God bless!

The Guatemala Team
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