Greetings from La Esperanza, Honduras!

Greetings from La Esperanza, Honduras!  Today the team is doing another evangelistic presentation at a middle school, this time traveling there by truck.  Seth W. and Augustyna are here in La Esperanza with me to get internet and also because they are on kitchen duty today.  

Yesterday, plans were changed, so the team ended up having a relaxing day at the church where we are staying.  We continued working on Bible verses, did our daily Bible studies, and practiced for upcoming presentations.  

Last night, we attended the Wednesday night church service at the church and Chico Chicas  preached on “What to Do When You Don’t Know What to Do”.  Kyle and Daisy were on kitchen duty last night and helped make the decidedly American meal of pepperoni pizza and breadsticks.  Tonight we will eat the more traditional Honduran meal of rice, beans, homemade tortillas, and a delicious cream sauce popular here called mantequilla.  

Carissa makes me laugh every day with her wonderfully quirky sense of humor.  Abi is somehow not sunburned at all even though most of the team has realized that being higher up in the mountains means being closer to the sun and a bit pinker than the usual 🙂  Alyssa has purchased a hammock and set it up in the sanctuary of the church.  Last night, Coral gave the team devotional on the topic of forgiveness and had a lot of neat stories to back up her point, like the story of Clara Barton.  

Thank you for your prayers.  We look forward to roughly another week in the mountains and are excited to see what else God will do in and through us as we share His love and truth in Honduras.


  1. YAY ANOTHERE UPDATE. sO GLAD aLYSSA WITH HAVE A COMFY hAMMOCK NOW. AND THAT THE tEAM IS DOING SO WELL. Really look forward to these messages. eeps them closer to us. stay healthy and safe. Godspeed to all,, HUGS to Alyssa especially

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