Hello from the village of Katema!

Hello from the village of Katema! We greatly appreciate the prayers and support that you pour out over this team. The weather here has been very interesting. In the mornings it feels like we are in the Arctic. The girls walk out wrapped in wrap skirts and blankets for our morning water run. In the afternoons we lather ourselves in sunscreen because for some reason it seems like sun gets angry. In the evenings the blankets come back out and we end our night with team devotions around a fire. We have made huge progress on the well. We drilled ten pipes down and hit water at 70 feet! Today, with the help of Matthew, Joelle, Harrison, Lauren, Jordyn, Andrew, and Olivia, we are drilling down with a bigger bit so we can put the casing in. Our ministry with the children is flourishing. Alex, Amanda, Sarah, Mariela and Eden love playing soccer with the kids, while Cami, Emma, Coco, and Claire rally the kids up to play a game of “Mingle Mingle”. Please pray that the rest of the drilling will go smooth. Also pray that the Muslims in the local village will be more open to accepting the gospel.

The group that does not drill has become known as the slashers as they are chopping down the high grass with slashers.  We have to avoid the crazy beans. They are like a stinging nettle and a few have encountered them.  The team is healthy with a few runny noses due to the weather. We do salt water gargles and push lots of fluids.  So far no upset tummies.   They are eating very well !

They are enjoying our classes and each morning Mr Maher chooses teens to share what the Lord is teaching them in devotions.  It has been encouraging to hear how God is working in their lives.  

Thank you for sharing these great teens with us we are loving them.  

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  1. Hello to Everyone! Praying for our Lord to keep you safe.
    Hi to my grandson Andrew.

  2. I love it! Hi Matthew! We miss you and love you!!! Hope you are having a great time and learning lots!!!

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