India moving to TMI base

And a Cold Front is moving in For the India Team! We can dream can’t we? The India team continues to endure the relentless heat with God’s grace. We find very little relief. There has not been much of a breeze in the past couple of days. Most of the team has been down at some point with the “Delhi Belly” syndrome. Despite our intense efforts to keep everything clean and fly free along with pushing fluids, frequent water and rest breaks, the dreaded syndrome still visits us. Thankfully it lasts only 12-24 hours. Despite this, the team remains in very good spirits which is such an encouragement to the leadership.

On Sunday the team went into town and did two presentations at two different churches. They all enjoyed their time in town. 

Our work project at the orphanage is winding down today. We are hoping to pour the foundation if the Indian workers get going on the forms, but they are on Indian time…

Our hosts here at the orphanage have been so gracious. Yesterday, they came around with coffee for everyone during the heat of the day (which was actually refreshing…). They have been quick to meet our needs in a timely manner and we are going to miss them.

We are packing up and leaving for the base this afternoon. It is about a 30-45 minute trip. We are looking forward to what the Lord  has in store for us there. The leaders are looking forward to the extra space and much-needed shade which will hopefully improve the health of the team.

Last night, the team had their last evening playtime with the orphans after which Cory led us in devotions. This is such a blessed time for the whole team which we all look forward to. We are planning on returning to the orphanage our last week in India with cookies and kool-aid to share with the kids.

Please continue to pray for us, that we will grow stronger in our walks with the Lord, that we will continue to unify as a team, and especially for the health of the team.

We got a lot of work done at the orphanage and I am sad to leave. I love playing games with the kids. Last night was probably my favorite . We blew up a bunch of balloons and played “keep off the ground”. I am sure going to miss them! -Annalise

We have accomplished a lot at the orphanage and it will be very hard to say good-bye to the children. Most of us were feeling a little sick over the past few days , but now we are feeling much better today. – Kaitlin

Despite the heat and the flies, India is pretty great. The orphans here are so adorable and the church services I went to on Sunday are something I will never forget. – Rachael E.

I am really enjoying India. I do not like their spicy food, but I really like India. – Sammy C.

India is FANTASTIC! -Jules

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  1. To Cory, I am so proud of you for leading devotions. I’m sorry it’s so hot there. But it’s hot here in Bahamas too. Very very hot.. I love you. so much. love gramma Nissi.

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