Madagascar Rides to Circuit

Hello one and all! This is Matthew greeting you in the name of Jesus Christ. The Madagascar team (16005) is doing well and we are working with great attitudes. Today is Thursday, July 14th and it’s one of our team members birthdays today… So happy birthday Joe Stubbs. 🙂  We are still based out of Mahajanga and loving the beds and clean well water for our bucket baths and laundry.  On Tuesday we went out for our first day on the bikes. It was supposed to be about a 1.5 hour drive out, a presentation and some games, and a 1.5 hour drive back. Long story short, it took 9.5 hours until we were able to get back to base. Between the monstrous sand that made it extremely easy to fall, the chains that kept popping off, the flat back tire, the broken throttle cable, the spark plugs having issues, and a few other things, we had a very very long day of riding. So with all that being said, the team kept a great attitudes on a long and tiring day of intense riding. I believe you will definitely hear of your kid’s individual tales once you get home because they all have pretty good stories. Praise the Lord everyone is safe and healthy, up and running, and ready to get back on and ride today. We took the day off yesterday from riding. We were able to get some work done here at base as well as teach the staff some dramas and puppet choreography for their Boot Camp that is quickly approaching. We were also able to go into town yesterday evening to visit the grocery store and stop at the local pizza shop for some yummy food. It was a great time of fellowship and fun as we were able to rest our bodies. And of course, the weather has been absolutely gorgeous, cool in the mornings and warm in the afternoons. Couldn’t ask for better summer weather. Thanks for all the prayers and support you are giving our team, the Lord is answering prayers and we continue to learn and grow in Him.

“On Tuesday it ’twas our first day out on the circuit. We faced many trials, including almost all of our bikes breaking down. We were stopped almost every 100 yards for a while. My bike had a flat front tire when we went out and got that changed, and then blew our back tire while out in the bush. Everything that could go wrong did, but we were still able to make it to the village and do what we came to do.” – Maxine Puckett

“Tuesday was our first day on the circuit. Despite all the hardships, we were able to get to the village and back, successfully sharing God’s word. – Charlie Maly

“Madagascar has been great. The weather has been pretty good too. We’ve started to ride the bikes a lot more. Tuesday we went out on our first circuit. It was rough getting to the village but we did get there. Seeing the children was cool again. So I have had a good time here so far. – Joe Stubbs
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