Ministry continues Down Under

Oh how the days have flown. This last Wednesday I (Evan) and Sam, Tristen, and Erika, as well as the Bible school students (BMW’s) went out to a local skate park to share Christ and witness. A couple kids there had balls and they invited us to play with them. Man did they have a lot question’s about America. Is it hot there, is it cold there, what time does the sun set, what time does it rise, do you like it there, are the people nice? Do you like rugby, was my favorite. Translating between the two english’s was blast on the way back, like finding what they mean in “Being stuffed” aka in trouble or just plain doomed. Plus they abreviated EVERYTHING here. Woolworth’s which is a local market is “Wooly’s” or a Kangaroo is a Roo. Or when they say Python it comes out P’tho’n.

Work is steady. When one job gets done (we are done trenching!!!!!!!!!!!!!) another is right there waiting. Tristan was checking our drainage pipes today and he using that hose and just standing there looking for leaks like a pro. Erika and Kaleb had Kitchen Patrol (KP) today and they made some awesome eggs and ham (they have never heard of bacon here). Josh, Kalie, Peter S, Peter B, as well as Mary cleaned off some concrete, as Sam and Jonathon smooth out what was our larger of the two trenches that we completed. James raked the grass…

All in all we are starting to really get settled here with the Auzzie’s. This Sunday we will be singing at a Presbyterian Church with there main congregation, please pray for us.

The weather has been threatening to rain all day. No lighting or thunder just over cast and looming.

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  1. We are glad to hear that so much is being accomplished. We have been praying for each person to experience God while you are there. Keep the reports coming. We like hearing a bit of what is going on. Just got Kaleb’s letter today to find out that team reports exist. God bless.

  2. so proud of all of you.. keep up the work, continue to let your faith show in your actions and the way you live your life. you are making a mark and a lasting impression on so many lives.. May God Bless and take care of all of you!

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