Trinidad preparing for VBS

We are making great progress! This week the team has spent most of their work time mixing concrete and laying the footer and structures for the wall. About 25% of the footer is complete and ready for blocks to be laid. Along with the work project, they have been busy helping set up for VBS and are preparing to perform for the VBS children on Friday night. They will be singing several songs and put on a puppet show for the kids, as well as pass out balloons and bracelets. We have had some rainy days here this week, and the team is really embracing TMI’s “Get dirty for God” moto. They are doing great, and we are so proud of them! 


The music on Sundays is the best. It is so amazing and I love it! It was so powerful and so full of God. I felt so much joy during and afterwards, and it was a great experience that I am honored to be a part of. -Jon B. 

Being an FTM (former team member) I knew what to expect for the summer, but I didn’t know how different it would be. I miss my family but the work project is fun. -Logan G. 


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