Arizona — Making a Difference in the Desert!

The Arizona team is having an impact during these hot, dry, dusty days under the sun in beautiful Indian Wells. The days begin with a light cool breeze and long shadows over the bluffs during sunrise. Horses graze nearby on the open range. After morning devotions, the team divides into three work crews. One crew is repairing a leaky roof and ceiling damage underneath at a nearby home. An 80 year-old grandfather lives there together with his son (a single father with six daughters). The son works full time to support the family and then comes home to take care of his family. The pastor here identified this family home as a top need in the community. Another crew is building a storage shed for a widow who still serves as a missionary with Mission to the Navajos. The third crew is working here at the church putting up sheet rock in the addition to include bathrooms and Sunday School rooms.

On Tuesday, we broke off of work early to travel to Klagetoh, AZ to share Christ at the 5k race there. The team served free ice water and assisted the race organizers with various activities. The team began conversations using the teen surveys from TTT (Telling the Truth Ministries). We also did puppets and dramas to share the Gospel and gave out the Wordless Books and Bracelets to help children to remember the gospel message.

Today (Wednesday) we worked in the morning and this afternoon / evening we plan to show the JESUS Film to the local community as another means of communicating the Gospel.

Thanks for all your prayers and encouragement. Here are some testimonies from the team members:

Elizabeth R. — So this week we packed out of Window Rock and moved into Indian Wells.  When we arrived, we were informed that the water had to be hauled to the site. At first I wasn’t so sure how it was going to work. When they brought water, we all got any container that could hold fluid. They started pumping and the hose was put in place to fill the 50 gallon drums. After they were both filled, everyone was soaked… (luckily it drys fast!) 🙂 I realized I take having water available all the time for granted. It’s not till you don’t have it or you have to ration it that you realize how important a commodity it is. The Lord taught me that the same can be applied to encouragement. At the time it seems you need it most, you should always run to Him. He has what you need. You just have to ask. The only difference between hauling water and having Jesus is that Jesus is like a never ending well in the desert of discouragement. When it seems people fail to encourage, you can find it in Christ. He says He will never leave us or forsake us.

Abby H. — Hi! It’s Abby again and this is the third week I have been at Teen Missions and it has been great! We arrived Saturday, July 9th at Indian Wells. Today is Wednesday and yesterday we evangelized at Klagetoh at the 5k run. My friend, Daniel and I had the opportunity to do chair exercises with the elderly so they were doing something active. I was glad to talk with the elders and share the Gospel with them. It was encouraging to see a few share that they walk with the Lord. It’s crazy that there are so many different ways to serve the Lord, even if it’s just exercising. The Lord has taught me a lot through going out and sharing the Gospel. Mostly it’s not about me, it’s about Him. It’s Him using me to share His love. I am very blessed to be with this team. It’s been great to be with other Native Americans that love God just like I do. I’m excited to go to a different part of the reservation and continue to share the Good News. I’d like to say ’thank you’ very much to my supporters and the people praying for me.  Until next time…

Daniel R. — Hello, it’s me, Daniel again! Hahaha well it has been an interesting three weeks now with Teen Missions International. We are now in Indian Wells and just yesterday we went to a chapter run in Klagetoh. It was very fun. Me and a friend, Abby, led an exercise group for the elderly and it was very active and we learned that a lot of the elderly are walking with the Lord which was very encouraging when we would go out to evangelize. Now, the work projects we have been doing are very fun to do. I have worked on two different jobs: one was putting in installation and the other was setting a foundation for a storage shed.  Putting up the walls for the shed was also fun.  I am still glad that I came to this Boot Camp because it is helping me with my walk with the Lord.  It is good to spread His Good News.  I would like to say thank you to everyone who is praying for me and supporting me. You are in my prayers.  Praise the Lord!

In the photos below…

Owen shares the Gospel using the Wordless Book with Navajo children at our booth during a 5K race in Klagetoh (One of the children prayed to receive Jesus afterwards!).     The team repairs a roof leak and ceiling damage at a home near White Cone, AZ (A single dad, six daughters and a grandfather all live in the home.) …        Getting ready to take the bus to church!   Daniel and Abby help demonstrate chair exercises for the elderly at the 5K race in Klagetoh.

Navajo 08 Navajo 08

Navajo 08


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