Cuba blessed by church

I can hardly believe it is Friday already!!  We are so blessed by the abundance of food that the church congregation brings by on a daily basis.  We have mangos with every meal and we still have some go bad because we cannot eat them fast enough!  Mindy and I are quite the proficient mango cutters now.  The team has poured the foundation for one retaining wall and are currently working on the second one.  We will start laying block tomorrow.  We have also scraped and sanded the front of the church and are applying the first coat of paint now.  Next week, the girls will be sleeping under the stars since we will be tearing off the roof to build a new one.  Pray for no rain!!  We will also be running a VBS next week as well.  Supplies are always hard to come by here in Cuba…nothing is easy!  Our missionary, Lisandra, says that Cuban believers will have a special crown in heaven because of how patient they have to be everyday!!!  Please continue to pray for those needed supplies. It is hard to tell if these reports are going out as that, too, is not easy. Thank you for your prayers.


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