Ecuador Teen Update

It’s a bit rainy this morning but the days have been very warm and overcast which helps prevent sunburn. The team has enjoyed helping the preteens by digging post holes for the fence and the preteens are happy to have the help and fellowship.  Forms are being built for columns, which we will start pouring today, steel has been tied for the reminder of the columns and the footer has been dug for the front of the building. The team is in good spirits as they are staying busy on the project. 

This weekend we hope to go to the beach, which is only a couple blocks away. It will be good to slow down and relax for awhile. 

Next week we hope to share a meal with the Preteen Team before they head for home. They like working and talking with the “big” Ecuador Team. 

Happy to say that everyone in healthy and doing well. We have a great bunch of young people with us!

Here are some words from the team members:

Ecuador has been great! I can see the ocean from the Beach house, and it looks so refreshing. On the work project I have been tying steel to support the columns of the first building. It has been amazing to see all that God has created in this beautiful country. -Stephanie S.

Ecuador has such nice weather. We have made great progress on the fence posts we are putting in with the preteens. Today we should be starting the walls on the outhouse, and putting up more concrete pillars – we have two so far!. And everyone helps with meals; it’s great to have such a unified team. -Sorche B.

Here in Ecuador the weather has been great and the view is amazing. We have been doing a lot of work at the worksite. In the past few days we have dug around 80 – 120 posts (with the pre-teens help) and have started to pour concrete pillars. Soon we should be starting to lay bricks for one of the buildings. So far this has been a great summer! -Elof P.


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