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Our days continue to fly bye here in Canada.  We are seeing God do some amazing things as we reflect each day on how we have seen Him work.  This week has been one of some amazing experiences.  As we said in our last report, we experienced a lot of rain and colder weather.  Well, we knew we wanted the kids to be able to share about the Lord, so we went to two care centers in Montague.  The residents were so blessed to have the kids sing and do their drama.  The team also felt very fortunate to be able to minister a well.  Then on Tuesday evening, our team was invited to have dinner at a local church that runs a soup kitchen.  What an experience for them to visit with some local people and hear their stories.  Their were also some people their from a group home that the team was able to get to know as well.  After we helped clean up. we then heard our host couple share about the work God has lead them to in Romania.  The Lord has had some wonderful opportunities for this team to hear about following God and have been challenged to listen to His voice.

The next morning we packed up our camp and headed for the western side of the island.  We are enjoying the warmer temperatures here, as well as our new campsite.  We are all glad their are less mosquitoes!  We are enjoying getting to know each other as a team more each day, and hear some of the requests that each one has asked for prayer for.  What an amazing bunch of kids!  Again, we as leaders are so blessed to have each one here.  They have a special place in our hearts.  We look forward to seeing how God continues to use each one.

We asked  the kids what their favorite things have been and wanted to share that with you all back home.  Enjoy!

Benjamin A- I have enjoyed all the camping.

Micah F- I enjoy seeing the island and biking the trails.

Ian G- I love the food and biking all over.

Morgan C- I love talking to all the people about Jesus.

Fran T- I like sightseeing and meeting new people a we share the Gospel.

Ellie- I really like all the good deserts.

Caleb P-I have really liked seeing all of the sights here in PEI.

Josh K- I love riding the bikes.

Laurel B- I like the cool breezes on PEI.

Tess W-  I like the food and sharing about Jesus.

Tyler G- I like riding the bikes and telling the people about Jesus.

Faith L- I enjoy sharing about Jesus to people in the campground.

Emily D- I like riding the bikes and sharing about Jesus.

John R- I have enjoyed riding bikes, campfires, and nice showers.

Michaela M- l like riding the bike.

As you can see, many of the kids are enjoying sharing about the Lord.  We are praying that their passion continues as they finish out their summer and return home.  God wants to do great things with these young people.  Thank you so much for your prayers.  They are so appreciated.  Please continue to pray as we finish out our time here.



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  1. Wonderful reports! May the fruit of the word continue working in all team members and those that have been ministered along the way.

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