Testimonies from Cuba

We went to the beach with our Cuban friends for a baptism.  The baptisms were in a bay and it was nice to see the service.  Swimming afterwards was fun too!  The trip is going great.  =Angel G.

Cuba is a lovely place.  The people here are very generous and kind to us.  Pray for our team.  Pray that God will give us strength in order to complete the project.  Our team has been working hard!  God definitely brought us here for a reason.  =Makole S.

Cuba has been an amazing experience.  I have been growing closer to God with the amazing view of His creation.  The project has been going well.  =Thomas S.

When we got to Cuba we had a long bus ride but we had lots of fun.  We have lots of work.  Most of all I like getting up in the mornings and going to bed tired.  I am enjoying most of this trip.  =Andrew

Today was a good day.  We painted the church and poured concrete.  I had the best time painting! =Sami Kube

I really quickly want to say that I am good.  The project is going great.  We have poured the concrete so we should start laying block tomorrow. ~Tyler T.

We have been working hard the past two weeks.  Doing anything from singing for congregations to digging ditches for pouring concrete and all the while having a great time!  So grateful to be on this awesome team and in this amazing country.  Thanks for all the prayers and support! =Dylan C.

So far, so good!  Our presentations are great as well as the puppet shows.  I am glad this team got together and I know everyone is enjoying their time here spreading Gods light.  =Shane B.

We are building a retaining wall for the church right now.  I am glad to help these people.  It has been fun!!!  Samuel O.

Cuba has been an amazing place for the past two weeks.  The weather here is nice and windy.  The locals are very friendly but best of all, there are barely any mosquitos here!  They say that time flies when you are having fun and I can see both happening right now!  ~Matthew R.

We have been working to build a wall and repaint the church.  We will soon begin the process of reroofing the church.  It has been such a blessing to serve God here.  I have been growing older in wisdom and closer to God everyday thanks to the daily devotions. ~ Kathryn J.

Evening devotions are one of my favorite times because we get to sing songs and get to know our fellow team mates better.  We ask questions of all sorts in the `hot seat`.  My favorite questions are «what five qualities would you like your future wife/husband to have?» and «at what point in your life have you felt closest to God».  After evening devos, we go to bed!! ~Kendall L.

Our project is gaining good ground.  Our team was able to attend a baptism about an hours walk from the church where we are staying and working, which was beautiful.  The people here are very friendly and we can not wait to continue ministering to the people here and show them the light of God through us!  ~Tyler B.

Being surrounded by God’s great green earth shows me that I am surrounded by Gods great love.  Before I arrived at this interesting country, I was infected with anxiety of what the next day would bring.  But now I am so busy I can not even think about the next hour!  We have worked strenuously these past two weeks and I am ready for more.  I have no time for sadness and doubt when I have the armor of God on and His wisdom. ~Giancarlo M.

Cuba is such an amazing place and the people here are so wonderful.  Our team has been working really hard to build to a retaining wall for the church to use for a future building.  We have dug trenches, built forms, and mixed lots and lots of cement.  Soon we will start fixing the roof.  I am having a blast here with all my new friends!  ~Emily F.

Hola culillos los extraño mucho.  Cuba bueno.  No estamos en la Habana.  Pero estamos en un pueblito pequeño.  La iglesia es pequeño pero los.  Pastores son de buen corazón.  Las personas nos resivienon muy bien.  Incluso ya fuimos a una parte de la playa.  Fue muy divertido.  El trabajo es cansado pero todo sea para el Señor.  De nuevo repito el hecho de extrañarlos mucho sigue presente los amo cuidemse mucho.  = Johana R.

Estar en Cuba.  Fue lo mejor que Dios pudo hacer en mi vide.  La bendición que tengo al conocer perso.  Tan maravillosas.  El clima es muy caliente.  El trabajo duro pero.  Dios siempre nos da fuerza.  Agradezco a Dios por es tar aquí.  = Josue R.


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