The China team is having a wonderful time

With another week in the books, the China team is having a wonderful time exploring the great wonders that China has to offer them.  Wednesday-Friday the team returned to their work projects around the camp during the morning and spent the afternoon with their afternoons working directly with the campers.  Thursday evening the team participated in the camp talent show.  Tabitha sang a song by Toby Mac and a group of 8 team members performed a drama that they learned at Boot Camp.  The campers cheered as the “Foreign TMI Team” completed their presentation. Friday afternoon the team was able to participate in a camp wide water fight, which was lots of fun!  Then Friday evening we joined the campers in an evening bonfire and s’mores.  It’s always exciting to see a Chinese camper’s face light up when they bite into a s’more for the very first time.  Saturday was bittersweet as we sent another group of campers home.  The team took the opportunity after lunch to sign campers’ shirts & take photographs together.  Once the last camper had left, our missionary Marc, loaded the team up on 3 local vans and drove us just outside the city limits.  He & his wife took the team on a wonderful two hour hike through the hills surrounding our city.  We visited an abandoned village where people used to live in caves just 30 years ago and enjoyed a picnic dinner on the steps of an old catholic church in the village.  The team enjoyed discovering the items left abandoned inside these cave-like homes.  Sunday the team traveled into Taiyuan China. We were surprised when we returned to the camp late Saturday evening to discover that a local believer, who owns a pizza shop, delivered pizza for the team.  Everyone enjoyed the extra thick pieces of pizza.  We attend a national church service.  It was wonderful to worship with fellow believers here in China & some songs sounded familiar to the team, although the entire service was in Chinese.  After church, most of the team members decided to enjoy McDonalds or KFC for lunch.  It was wonderful to taste familiar flavors from home.  The team then spent the afternoon exploring the city.  Taiyuan is the capital city of our province and is defiantly much larger, and busier, than Yangquan.  

This next week, we plan on greeting a new group of campers on Monday afternoon.  Team members will be assigned to teams and we hope to complete many of our projects we’ve been working on for the past few weeks.  Please continue to pray for our team that we will finish our last two weeks here in China well.

A few perspectives form our teammates:

“Being here in China is such a blessing.  Being able to be around the campers is thrilling and I love being abel to help the camp and the people around the area with constructions that we do.  I can’t wait to find out what else God has in store of our team and myself.” – Izzy W.

“This week was great!  We got to hang out with the campers in the afternoon, and my group was really fun.  We got to cook, try archery, try archery, go on a bike ride, do crafts and so much more with the campers.  On Friday, we got to eat s’mores around the campfire as a final farewell to the campers.  It was sad but fun.” – Maddy C.

“These last two weeks in China have been both amazing and challenging at the same time.  I have had a great time being with the campers and doing work projects.  Believe it or not, digging a ditch is really fun.  I can’t wait to see my family again, but yet again I don’t want to leave!!” – Erin C.

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  1. The prayers of our local home church continue to go out to your team! May
    the Lord work His wonders through you, touching many lives for His kingdom!

  2. Tameasa Provencher

    It is so thrilling to hear of all you are experiencing — what an adventure. I weep with each update I read — I can only imagine all these precious children that you are loving on. Continuing in prayer…steadfastly for you all.

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