Exciting week in Northern Ireland!

Good Morning to you all! What an exciting week this has been…full of Northern Ireland sights and sounds!

Wednesday afternoon took us on a trek up to the highest point in Belfast. What an adventure! It’s called Cave Hill and on the way up most of us were slipping on mud and tromping through puddles…very steep! It was well worth it once we reached the top…such and incredible view! We were able to pray over the city, sing a song, and feel some VERY chilly rain before enjoying an easier hike down the hill. 

On Thursday we stayed at Abbey Presbyterian Church for most of the day. We will be doing a Summer Scheme there this upcoming week. We spent the morning going door to door in the surrounding neighborhoods and passing out flyers and invitations to the kids club. The afternoon was spent doing our normal day-to-day classes and in the evening we drove over to Adams Street Mission where they presented us with an absolutely delicious dinner! Joy really enjoyed the Irish dessert called Pavlova and all of us are figuring out how we can get the recipe to take back to the states with us! 

Friday was spent doing some open air and door-to-door evangelism with the Adams Street Mission again, as well as inviting people to their kids club that they will host in the upcoming weeks. 

Saturday was our sightseeing day. We drove about an hour and a half to Giants Causeway and the Carrick-a-rede rope bridge. I’m afraid our pictures won’t do it any justice. We all enjoyed climbing on the old volcanic rocks at Giants Causeway, and then watching dolphins swim while standing on the other side of the Carrick-a-rede bridge. I will tell you that it is a true test of courage to walk across the bridge, but the whole team thoroughly enjoyed it. Afterwards, we drove to a nearby port and enjoyed (more!) fish and chips and other food and were even treated to some homemade ice cream. We are so spoiled! 

The team is doing another presentation at Abbey Presbyterian this morning, will practice their skits for the Summer Schemes this afternoon, and we’re staying here in Rathcoole for the evening church service. 

Looking forward to sending more good news your way soon.20160716_145931 DSC_0427 20160716_122621 DSC_0403 N. Ireland 10 N. Ireland 10

With love, 

The Northern Ireland Team


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  1. Greetings from Alaska! I loved reading the update journal on your mission in Ireland. I’m missing my granddaughter Trin, but am so excited for this growing experience for her in her ancestral roots nation. May God bless all the teen and everything they set their hands to.

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