Hello one and all from the Madagascar team!!

Today is Saturday the 16th and the days are literally flying (or driving, hehe get it?) by. 
On Thursday we were able to drive out and perform our presentation with the kids. The ride was only about 10 minutes so most of the team members riding felt like it was a super easy trip. We definitely weren’t complaining after the adventure we already had with our 9.5 hour trip. Once we got there we split up into three teams and each had their own group. We had a station for games, music, and phonics. It went well and most of it went according to plan, but there was certainly some improv within the groups. 
Friday was a little longer of a trip, which was a fun driven we had any serious breakdowns. We performed our presentation, played some games and hung out with the group for a little while. We then proceeded to head back on a different route so that we could stop by the pizza shop for dinner. It was cool because we got to see the ocean as the sun was setting, and it was gorgeous. However, it made it a little more stressful as we had to ride through the city, and you can guess how that goes in Madagascar. After eating a delicious meal, we all headed back to base.
It wasn’t until 2 am the next morning that I felt it… Let’s just say my stomach wasn’t agreeing with what I ate. I came out in the morning not feeling top notch, only to find out that many others were have the same “bathroom problems”. Today we have been battling upset stomachs and frequent bathroom breaks. The team has kept a pretty humorous outlook about it and we continue to strive on. This morning we were able to work the whole morning making huge concrete piles, mixing them, and helping pour them for the beams of a building that the base is putting together. It was hard work, but the team worked hard and pushed through even though many of them didn’t initially want to work. We had a mechanic work on the bikes in the morning so after lunch we started our drive out with everyone on the bikes. Our drive out was a little longer again but we had very little issues going out. We had our presentation, split up into four groups this time (adding a Bible story drama group to our mix), and played games with them for 2.5 hours. We played tag, duck duck goose, soccer/futball, and many other games as we waited for our navigator to return. We managed to get back for a delicious dinner prepared by our wonderful cook. I hope to have mentioned before how great the food has been and we are very blessed by the work in the kitchen! Go Ms.Pat! We are about to head to bed and be up for church tomorrow.
We appreciate the prayers as the Lord is protecting us as we go. I can let you know I now feel some of the pain of you parents that have to watch and teach their kids how to drive… It’s scary. But they are doing a great job and everyone that has wanted to drive has had a chance and we only have one or two that aren’t comfortable yet so they can ride on the back.

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