The India team is still waiting on that cold front to move in…

The India team is still waiting on that cold front to move in…

It has been a whirlwind of a few days. We have settled in nicely here at the Teen Missions base. Sleeping in the heat proves to be a challenge – even with fans, but they have learned to wet their hair before going to bed. The kitchen is AMAZING with lots of counter space, plenty of storage AND VERY FEW FLIES!

The team has been busy digging footers, putting in the forms and pouring the footers for the block wall which will surround the property. They are doing a better job at staying hydrated which is a blessing and we continue to work hard to keep them hydrated with gatorade, etc.

Friday night we ventured into Vijayawada. There is a Dominoes Pizza, KFC and Subway. We all enjoyed the Indian style of these places. We were able to stop at a store and restock on personal essentials along with ice-cold drinks. The drive in and home were experiences they will never forget!

Today we traveled to Machilipatnam which is about 2 1/2 hours away and on the Bay of Bengal. Beth spoke (yeah you heard that right) and Paul preached the service (yeah you heard that right too). We left that service and immediately traveled to a much smaller church where Beth again spoke and Paul preached (yep, a miracle!) along with Isaac. It was a small church that Mr. & Mrs. Bland dedicated in April, 1994 (Paul and Beth were also here then). After the service, they fed us a delicious meal of rice and chicken. We then boarded our bus for a short trip to the beach to see the Bay of Bengal first hand. It was not the type of beach we are used to and it was very crowded. We stayed long enough to get some cold drinks before our long bus ride back to the base. 

We returned and the lady leaders fixed a quick dinner of Kraft Mac and cheese. Myra led in devotions and everyone is in their rooms getting ready for bed.

Please continue to pray for the health of the team and wisdom for the leadership in how to keep everyone healthy in this heat.

Where do I begin? So much to say! India has so many details to describe. My health is at an acceptable level. I wish this audience to this testimony well. – Truman

People have been getting sick, but people have been getting better also. I’m doing well and working hard ( he sure is!). -Landon

I am enjoying the Base. Just today I saw a group of baboons. I love and miss y’all! – Lauren

Well, India is amazing! We sweat a lot though – like crazy sweat… The old is amazing, the church services are amazing! Only about three more weeks! It has gone by so fast! I’ll be home before you know it. Love and miss you! -Grace

I love the country of India! Although it has been a tough journey, it has been an amazing experience that I know I will never forget! – Myra

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  1. To Cory, I hope and pray that you and your team are staying healthy. Time is going fast. Love gramma Nissi.

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