Nepal continues to minister at the Children’s Home

A few words from one of the Assistant Leaders in Nepal:

I am very impressed with our children (young adults) on this Nepal team. They are a very good group of teens overall, with a few goofy moments!! The Good Lord is using this mission trip to work on their hearts. It is fun to watch them grow, stepping out and doing thing they have never done before. Every evening for our devotional time they are given a verse and are asked to expound on it and/or share what it means to them. Yes, every team member will have an opportunity. Yes, those that have had their turn have done a wonderful job and I know that those who haven’t will do great also.

They have all had a turn at operating a wheel barrow, sledge hammer, shovel, spud bar (for breaking up concrete), a broom, hacksaw, regular saw and large cutters to cut rebar. Equal opportunity for all and most have at least tried. Some of the girls really got into the sledge hammer. We have no electrical tools. Wish we would have had a jack hammer for parts of the foundation, but our team prevailed. They do sleep well at night… and so do I!! Missing my afternoon nap!

As soon as the rain stops, we will cap the foundation and begin building the brick walls. The team is very excited about laying brick since we spent the majority of our construction classes at boot camp learning to lay block. The Nepalian way of laying brick is slightly different but I know they will adapt quickly. We have a master brick layer working with us. We are praying for him… he is Hindu.

The team sings with the Mendies Haven children every morning at 6 am and sometimes again at night if our schedule permits. We did puppets for them last night. They kept asking for more and finally had to stop. The children are testing this week at school and we were cutting into their study time. They study/do homework every night from 7:30 PM to 10 PM. Yes, every night except Friday because they have church on Saturday. The children are some of the sweetest, most well-disciplined I have ever seen. They can speak two languages, their native language and English. They can only speak their native language to the House Parents and the Mendies families. English must be used/spoken for everything else including their school work. All play time for the children is outdoors. No TV, computers, Wi/X-Box or cell phones… just like the old days, or as the team spoof of me said: “Back in my day”!!!

Thank you for sharing your children with us this year. I have been mightily blessed! “Mr. O”    I love you Debbie O!

Hey from Nepal, it is beautiful here when it isn’t raining we enjoy the view of the mountains and the city of Kathmandu. We have been very busy with our work project we start at 6am and usually work till 4pm. We had church yesterday and we spent the day experiencing Nepal’s markets, and a monkey temple. A bug is going around our team which hasn’t been fun and we have spent the week taking turns in the sick tent. Nepal’s been an amazing experience, but I miss home. Iris O

Greetings from Nepal! This place is gorgeous, so many beautiful sights and sounds. Every morning we wake up to the view of a city trapped in a valley of mountains and hills. After a night full of dogs barking, bird’s screaming and bells ringing. LOVE IT! So far the trip has been an unbelievable experience from church to the market and spending time with the children. Nepal has been slightly more rainy than expected but we are enjoying the breaks from the work. Don’t worry Mom I am still alive even after the rotation through the sick tent. Zachary Brandt

Hello from Kathmandu! It’s beautiful here at Mendies Haven and Nepal from what we’ve seen. The children’s home overlooks the city of Kathmandu. We have only been able to see the mountains a couple times over the clouds. We have church on Saturdays here so yesterday we were able to go to the market and climb the monkey temple after church. Our project is expanding the bathrooms at the children’s home but has been on hold the past couple days because we ran out of brick after completing the foundation of the girl’s bathrooms. Nepal is an amazing experience and our time here is flying by. Anslie Yoder

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  1. I love to read about what you are doing.I have noticed on the weather app that you have had much rain.My prayer is that it will slow down and give you more of a view and that all will be well!Your project sounds exciting.
    May the Lord keep and bless you!

  2. Donald and Memy Hillman

    Another great report. We really enjoy hearing about all that the Nepal team is doing!!! Praise the Lord.

    Donald and Memy

  3. Enjoy your time in Nepal , Iris O. We love you! Hugs and prayers to your team! Love, Gran and Papa

  4. Thankyou again for this great update. means a Lot to us back home. sorry some kids have been sick, better quickly I hope. special Hi to Dayana. keep up the good work with the children. Hugs

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