Cow Bells and Car Horns—Tanzania


     After working for a week here at the BMW in Tanzania we recently took a trip into a small town called Boma where we enjoyed some time away from the work site.  It was nice to do some shopping and the teams spirits were lifted in a way only fried banana chips and Vimto (a fruity carbonated drink) can achieve.  The miracle of Junk-food in action.  It also offered a time for the team to buy gifts for their S.P.Ps (secret prayer partner).  Think secret Santa but instead of Santa it’s Jesus and instead of cookware or re-gifted items it’s prayer.  Some get notes of encouragement others, like Jailee V., get a box of dried sardines.  All in all its a lot of fun and gives the team something to look forward to.

     On Sunday we went to a small local church which had an attendance of maybe 20 before we came and doubled its numbers.  Even though it was a bit crowded the team did a great job with presentation and acting out a drama in close quarters.  Also, while on the topic of close quarters, we found the meaning of “togetherness” when we fit everyone in the back of a truck on the drive back from church.  

     When we got back from church we had some free time and we were able to go one an adventure to the corner of the BMW property where a creek turns the landscape from rows of golden corn stalks to clusters green banana trees.  It was nice to be able to just relax and not worry what was next on the agenda.  During this time we played a few games including Kickball (which had no clear winner or loser), a sit up competition, which Brayden W. won with a high score of 230, and Carlie B. showed up all the boys in arm wrestling.  All in all it was a great weekend and the team is ready for another week of hard work here at the base.  


     Hi, my name is Kiya A. and I’m going to tell you about my first week here in Tanzania.  It’s really a beautiful place!  when we arrived and got our bags we met Mr Saba, our head leader here in Africa, he’s cool and really funny.  He calls everything Chinese because he says the Chinese make everything and that’s why everything is crazy.  Camera doesn’t work?  It’s chinese.  Chicken gets out of its coop, It’s chinese.  
     So far we’ve built an eating site, painted the outside of the BMW building (which was messy), harvested sunflowers and corn and are working on the foundation for a kitchen.  As I’m writing this I’m looking at the mountains and thinking to myself that God made all of this.  It just blows my mind at what he can do.  Oh, one last thing, the bananas here are Amazing!  On that note, God is good! Kiya A. 

     Africa is amazing!  I’ve never seen anywhere like Tanzania.  Everyone is happy we’re here and they all wave when we pass by in the Truck.  Right now we’re constructing a Kitchen and dinning hall.  in between we help harvest sunflower seeds for oil and corn which will help the Bible school continue.  It’s amazing how close to God I feel when I’m looking at Mt. Kilimanjaro here in Tanzania Africa.  Emily S.

     Hello world, or “Jambo” as you would say in Swahili.  This is one of the many things I have learned on this adventure.  I’ve also learned that God works in weird ways.  Before I fcame on this trip I was praying that I would grow closer to God and He has already started making that happen.  A few days ago I got a fever and was put in a sick tent for two days.  Two days is a lot of time for someone to think.  I’m thankful for everyone here with me, the leaders included.  God is doing great things.  Jayden H.

Kilimanjaro 22 Kilimanjaro 22


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  1. Patty pope, Seth Tramps' gma

    thank you for your testimony. we are all blessed to have you children in our tormented world you will never know all the lives that you have touched

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