Greetings from Red Valley Arizona!

On Friday, the team worked hard all day to wrap up our community & church projects in Indian Wells. One crew framed a wall for the home of a single dad who works full-time and is raising six daughters on his own. Another crew repaired a sheep fence and cleared the grounds for a widowed grandmother raising nine children. The third crew served another widowed missionary by raising the walls of a new storage shed. In all, it was a very productive day! On Saturday, the team was on the move once again. We enjoyed a stop in Gallup while Miss Gay bought supplies. We then rode the bus on up toward Shiprock and then over to our new project site at Red Valley. We settled into the guest house next to the church as the sun set. On Sunday, we ran 21 people through one shower in less than 2 hours! We shared the morning service with a Christian band named Kleen SL8. They led worship… very fun! Owen and Liz both won free CDs  from the band ((can’t listen till they get home…   Liz shared a mattress and Owen was the most animated during one of the ‘camp songs’).  Daniel and Richie shared testimonies and the team gave two songs, the drama battleground, and a puppet song.  In the Afternoon, the team worked on verses and held memory verse quizzing. We also practiced circle games and action songs in preparation for our weeklong VBS (Vacation Bible School) held at the church beginning Monday.  

The team has grown close this summer and  the time has gone by quickly!  Thanks for your prayers. They are making a difference! In addition to the VBS, we plan to carry out  various work projects at the church.

From the team members:  

Jack V — One thing that God has made abundantly clear to me in the past few days is how the Father desires us to be out of our comfort zone. God calls us into uncomfortable places whether it be spiritual or physical… to heighten our dependency on Him. Often times, the seasons of our life when we grow the most are when we find ourselves completely and utterly dependent on God to meet our every need. Only then are we able to fully understand what a blessing it is to have a God we can trust in everything.

Ryan — Hi, my name is Ryan and ever since I came here I’ve been growing spiritually. I’ve started praying and am hungry for God’s words more and more…

Miranda — A lot has happened here since my first day of Boot Camp. There are times when I feel so happy & then times where I feel discouraged. Times I feel like part of a family, then times I feel alone. I’ve grown close to my teammates. We’re functioning like a family & I love them all. When I think about leaving them at the end of the summer I feel as if I’ll be alone again. One thing I need to keep in mind though is that I’ll have a close relationship with Jesus. Psalm 121… “I lift up my eyes toward the mountains. Where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord, the maker of heaven and earth.” There is such beauty in the world that God has made. Just thinking that the creator wants a close relationship with me brings me such joy! I’ll never be alone as long as I have God on my side. Having a conversation with Him every day is as simple as talking to a close friend.  I used to have a lot of questions…. “Why have you placed me here when I just seem to be a waste of space?” Having all these people here has encouraged me and I feel God’s love and joy!

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