Greetings and Salutations from Poland!

Greetings and Salutations from Poland! The team is working on two projects at the time being. The first project is refurbishing the house that the church is now using to meet in. The room where they usually hold service on Sundays is too small for meeting in. This has given our team members the fun job of knocking down a wall in order to add another room to the first one. After knocking down the wall they cleaned up the bricks and stacked them so the bricks can be reused at some future date. The team has now gone on to plastering and priming the walls for a fresh coat of paint.  

            The second project is at an old barn. We are cleaning bricks and stacking them for reuse at a later date. Right now we are going through the piles and cleaning out anything that cannot be reused or that is trash. We are seeing a good deal of progress. 

In other news, the kitchen has been abundantly blessed this summer! Not only do we have plenty of willing help from our two KP (Kitchen Patrol) every day, we also have plenteous amounts of food! More than enough for everyone. The other day we were able to make the perfect pulled-pork sandwiches with the assistance of Virginia and William, not a single crumb left over and plenty for all. Today, with help from Josh and Hannah S. we served a glorious beef stew. Along with some vegetables we were able to pick out at the small market in town. We’re more than blessed by the abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables we’ve been provided with. God has been so gracious to us in this area and we couldn’t be more grateful.

Poland is amazing! It’s so much fun being here and showing God’s love through our work. So far we have torn down a brick wall and painted a church. We were able to go to Germany for a wedding. It was such a cool experience and I’m very blessed to be able to come here. 

-Caitlin N.-

Poland is such an amazing place. I love the scenery here, it’s so breath taking. I also loved our adventure to Germany. The German/Polish wedding was a cool experience, especially when it was a combination of the two cultures. We also got to meet these two awesome German teens –Joshua and Leo. We enjoyed talking to them about how our cultures and lifestyles differ. I can’t wait to see what else Go has in store for me and my team on this trip!

-Joshua B.-

We’ve already had some great experiences so far. My favorite thing so far has been Germany! Being invited to our missionaries wedding is awesome, but being able to serve at it is even better. Seeing the Polish and German people’s faces when American teenagers clean up after them with smiles on their faces is wonderful! Not only was it great to serve but a few of us made friends with a couple of German teenagers!! I would love to go to Germany again! But I’m excited to be back at work in Poland! Ready to make more memories!

-Kaitlyn J.-

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  1. Christa Shipman

    Way to go, team Poland! Love you, Hannah and Cassie Shipman, keep up the hard work!

  2. You go y’all!

  3. I am so proud of this team! Continue the great work! Love and miss you Kaitlyn! Love ,Mom

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