Greetings from the warm heart of Africa, Malawi!

We completed the well on Saturday!!!  praise the Lord.  We have a clean good well.  All that is left to do is to do the concrete work and attach the hand pump.  We should be finished by Wednesday.  We loaded up the truck and drove to the empty river bank to get sand for mixing concrete.  What an experience. 

Saturday night we had a fun night.  We built a campfire and the team divided into four groups to do various plays. We laughed hard at one groups performance of Balam and his donkey. 

Andrew, Cami, Harrison, Sarah, Olivia, Alex, Coco, Sarah, Jordyn, AManda, Mariela, Emma, Matthew, Joelle, Eden and Claire are all doing fine.  Matthew loves to burn the trash for the kitchen and in fact all the boys love doing the campfires and helping the kitchen light the charcoal burner.   We went through a few days of head colds but we are on the mend.  

We attended church on Sunday.  It is a small church with about 25 in attendance.  It is one of only two non Muslim mosques in the area. The other is a Catholic Church.  We passed three mosques on the way to church.  The people were lively and enjoyed the teams presentation so much.   Joelle played her violin and they just clapped and clapped for her. The first time they heard such an instrument.  

After church we went to a small shop where the teens enjoyed a cold coke. When we returned we did a quiz practice.   Mariela, Emma, Coco , Sarah and Lauren are our fastest quizzers.  

All of our afternoons are filled with playing games, singing songs and teaching phonics to the children who come.  ABout 50 kids are showing up.  

We are going to join the MSSM circuit riders on the circuit this week.   We are looking forward to that.  We are also finishing up the zinc on the building and are making a soccer field for the kids.  

The weather is so different.  The mornings are cooler and we are all bundled up but after 9:00 we are lathering on sun screen so that we don’t get sunburned.   Again when the sun goes down we gather around the fire to keep warm.   

The lady leaders are feeding us well in fact there are never leftovers.  Thank you for your prayers.  We are feeling so blessed.  

We are having a wonderful time we love each other and are thanking God for the way He is working in our hearts.   We all have such an appreciation for the gift of water.  We were walking 20 minutes one way for water.  

Blessings. Malawi well drill leaders.  



  1. Ron and Eileen Engen

    Dear Teen Mission Members,
    Thank you very much for your interesting and informative letter! We, as Joelle’s proud grandparents, are so pleased that you all have been able to complete the well as planned. How thankful the locals must be to soon have fresh water in that area! PTL!

    The afternoons that you spend with the children, doing a variety of activities, must be enjoyable for them and a fulfilling experience for all.

    We’re so pleased that our dear granddaughter, Joelle, had played her violin at the church service on Sunday and she was so appreciated by all.

    We will continue to pray for your success, good health, safety and well being during this mission trip and you remain joyful in Him! May the Lord bless and keep you in His care during this mission trip and always.

    In His Love,
    Joelle’s Grandparents -(The Engens)

  2. Bob and Sue Bastiani

    Thank you for the update on your progress. Wow already done with the drilling! What a wonderful gift you are giving that village. Please give Eden our love from Oregon. May God bless the rest of your time in Milawi and the rest of your mission . Bob and Sue Bastiani

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