Honduras team continues evangelism

Hola from Honduras!  The team continues evangelism through presentations and through tract distribution.  Today we are in the nearby town of La Esperanza to do evangelism in a park near the courthouse.  We had a delicious Honduran breakfast of rice and milk which was a little like sweet rice pudding and a nice, warm, hearty thing to begin the day.  The team continues practicing Bible memory verse quizzing and likes this activity so much that they ask to do it during their free time as well!

On Saturday, the team had a relaxing time by a lagoon for canoing and sitting by the water on a hot day.  On Sunday, instead of attending church, we had the opportunity to give a presentation to a girls’ soccer team that was waiting for the other team to arrive.  We continue doing door-to-door evangelism, praying with people in their homes and giving them gospel tracts.  At least three people this week prayed to accept Christ´s gift of salvation!

Yesterday everyone took baths in the chilly mountain water and wrote letters to their secret prayer partners.  These prayer partners were randomly assigned by drawing names out of a hat.  The team members give their partner encouraging notes and try to disguise their handwriting so as to stay secret 🙂

Thank you again for your continued prayers.  Many team members received letters from family several days ago, which was a great encouragement.  

God bless.

We have been bicycling to different churches and schools sharing the gospel to children, teens, and adults.  We´ve been doing dramas, singing, and puppeteering all for them.  We have been learning about the Bible in new ways and how it says stuff about anger or resentment or other qualities in our life.  I´m looking forward to tasting more of the culture and continuing to share the gospel.  – Carissa

We went to a kindergarten today and I held the puppet stage.  There were only three kids, but yesterday we got to present to a whole girls soccer team.  I´m learning the differences in this culture from my own and how this culture is more focused on day to day living than our own culture.  In devotional time every day, I´m reading Nehemiah and how he built the walls around Jerusalem even though the surrounding countries doubted he could do it and tried to discourage him. 

 – Tim

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  1. All of your family and friends are praying for each of you, and for all the people you meet every day. We love hearing all about the things you are doing and the people you meet.
    God is going to continue to do amazing things through your team . We love you all !
    (Grace Ds Mom)

  2. Thank you for the update and pictures!! It’s great to see the team and hear what you are doing and how God is using you! We do greatly anticipate these updates!! Praying for you all every day!

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