Team Mangochi, Riding Camels

Team Mangochi continues to fall in love with the Mangochi Base, the kids, the lake, and the staff and BMW students.  We are constantly in awe of our surroundings.  The stars at night are very beautiful.  We think we’ve even found the Southern Cross.  The cool breeze on a warm day is a blessing from the Lord.  The local kids are a constant joy and inspiration to everybody.  We are blessed to be here.

We are excited that our work project is ahead of schedule and the team is accomplishing more than we had hoped to.  The walls of the original room are almost completely up and they’ve started on the second room last week.  Those walls are more than half way up and they are going to move onto the foundation of the third room.  We are hopeful that we will get to put the roof up on at least the original room.  The team continues to work together well, wether it be carrying buckets of mortar, bricks or laying bricks.  The bricks are about 10 inches long by 5 inches wide by about 4 inches thick.  They are easy to manage and quick to lay.  I think Mr. Myers, the brick laying instructor at Boot Camp, would be proud of what the kids are accomplishing.  In our travels we have even gotten to see where the bricks come from.  Since the rivers are low, they are able to pull the mud out of the river bottom and form the bricks and then bake them.  As we travel, we have seen many sites where they have hundreds of bricks piled up and ready for purchasing.  Most of the little houses in this area are built with the bricks and then plastered on the outside.  They are usually the size of a small living room in North America.   

On Saturday afternoon the team got to go to an open market.  Most got wraps that are used for skirts and they all got a taste of the local atmosphere.  They even have a grocery market here that serves soft serve ice cream.  It was cold and sweet!  Sunday morning we went to a local church.  The worship was amazing even though we didn’t speak the language.  Although Mr. Bret is doing a great job learning it and even preached while our local TMI staff host, Mr. David Chali, interpreted.  The team did their presentation in the service also and did a great job with the songs.  Tommy E., has started using a bucket drum during the songs and it adds allot of character to the presentation.

Sunday afternoon we had a great time at a private hotel.  We got to visit for a few hours and enjoy swimming in Lake Malawi.  The water was a little chilli but it didn’t stop most of the kids from jumping in.  The team even had the opportunity to order from the restaurant and enjoyed a variety of familiar food and some local specialties.  It was a great time of relaxing.  Several of the team, Katie J., Erin G., Tommy E., Everett K., Kym R., Kyleigh P., and Anna E., paid to ride camels.  They all had a blast!  Andrew L., Ashton F., and Katie M., also enjoyed the swimming and hanging out with friends.  

The fisherman continue to go out on Lake Malawi each evening.  Although Sunday night they took a break in our local area.  They put light bars on their small wooden boats and when they are out so far from the beach, they look like Chinese lanterns floating on the water.  

Today we are switching tent partners.  The tents are emptied out so they can be swept.  Since we are on the sand it tends to creep in.  Please pray that everybody will have a good time adjusting to this change.  

The local kids continue to inspire us.  There are almost always at least a few at the fence watching, waving and calling out names.  Sometimes they sneak on the property for the fruit.  A few even come and help with laundry near the water pump.  They are usually better at getting our clothes clean than we are.  They love to find a stain and go at it tenaciously.  If they help, we are always there with them, scrubbing and rinsing side by side.  They usually get tired of it after a few minutes though and love to just hang out with us.  The kids love to feel our hair and hold our hands.  Singing songs is their favorite 

Please continue to pray for Team Mangochi.  We are entering our final week here at the TMI base.  Please pray we will complete everything possible on the work site with safety and team work.  Please pray for our health and for the TMI staff and BMW students who are our hosts and work side by side with us.  We covet your prayers and it is a blessing to know you are lifting us up in prayer.  Beth 

Web Testimonies:

Everett K. – These last few days have been a great experience.  Worshipping in Malawan churches has been amazing and just especially real!  The Lord has also been teaching me contentment.  The kids here are so happy even when they have so little.  It has really opened my eyes to the many blessings I have and how I need to be more satisfied and content with my life and my Savior.  

Erin G. – Everyone is doing great so far!  We are loving the cool weather and living on Lake Malawi.  Spirits are up as we are going into the second week of work.  This last weekend was great as we had the opportunity to go to an open market and attended a local church.  The culture here is so vibrant and filled with joy!

Andrew L. – My time in Malawi has been really fun so far.  Seeing the joy of the kids as we drive by is really cool.  The churches and how they do their services have been amazing.  Seeing how these people really don’t have anything and are really happy has changed how I see things.  

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