Zambia busy with eye and medical clinics

Friday morning began a little earlier for the team, this week.  We accomplished our goal of library reading, breakfast, Bible marking, and restocking the truck with all of our belongings by 10 a.m.  Then we hiked to view a river and a bridge that was constructed by team leader Glenn Barker and the Zambia Bridge Team in 2010.  After returning to our “barren” campsite, we took a team picture before leaving the Luswishi William Oro Rescue Unit.  We expressed heartfelt gratitude, thank-you’s, and good-bye’s to Mike and Clara (Queen) Monze, the Luswishi facilitators, climbed aboard, and traveled the dusty road to Connie’s Heart Rescue Unit in Funda, a good hour drive away.  

Here, as in Luswishi, most of the team endures nighttime lullaby’s from our cock-a-doodle-do friends.  During the day, the native playground is busy with soccer, and duck-duck goose, as the eye and medical clinic lines are steady.  Today, we served eighty-seven medical patients and forty-seven eye patients.  This forenoon, one teen asked to go to the sick tent, from congestion and feeling weak overall.  Nights are very cool and the campfire is a daily welcome at both ends of the day.  Sunday, we enjoyed services at the United Church of Zambia, a fifteen minute walk away.  The building was scarcely as big as a two car garage.  We recognized an old, familiar church hymn, “What a Friend We Have in Jesus”, as it was sang in Bemba.  It was a blessing to listen to the fourteen member choir, who were very verbal and expressive and made up most of the congregation.  Benson, our  Funda facilitator, translated the minister’s sermon for us.  Zambia E&M participated with songs, a meaningful testimony from Grace M. about the power of prayer, and the drama, “Battleground”.  Mr. and Mrs. Yoder stayed behind to watch over our things and prepared spaghetti, salad, and candy sweet  potatoes for dinner and sloppy joe’s for supper.  They are excellent chefs! 

This afternoon, many teens were busy memorizing and quizzing, with Ana S., Jonah H., David K., and Eddy D. quizzing out.  Permit me to mention, the guys won, by a wide margin!  Tonight, we  plan to show the “Jesus” film at a nearby school, followed by popcorn when we get back to camp.

Today, the clinic lines were very slow, but with more severity.  One young girl came, maybe seven years old, who had never spoken, but could only make a small sound.  This afternoon, Mr. Yoder, Benson, Micah W., Eddy D., and I, traveled closer to civilization to keep you all updated and also took some corn along to market for Benson.  -Ed M. Leader

So far, this trip has been better than I expected.  It is sad, though, that so many children have malaria.  I have gotten to see two chickens skinned to be eaten.  The children play a game where they kick a soccer ball and try to kick the ball in your face.  If they succeed, then everyone laughs.  It was a very fun game to play.  Ewing W.IMG_1390

Zambia 27



  1. glad to hear your news, Christina! We pray that our Lord will continue to bless and use all your team for His glory and the blessing of those you are serving! Love you! Aunt Vera and Uncle Bill

  2. Lorna mjolsness

    Thanks for the update . Sounds like you are very busy

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