Cuba does VBS

It is VBS week this week.  Our home is full of smiling, laughing children, 75 of them to be exact.  Our missionaries are very excited about that number since last year only about 45 kids came.  They expect the number to only get bigger as the week goes on…praise the Lord!!  We do balloons, puppets, and help serve food every morning.  It is a VERY lively VBS!  It is an Olympic theme which is very appropriate I think since the games are just a few days away.  The team is still laying block for the retaining wall but it is nearly finished.  They have started building the forms for the pillars.  The church is looking good with a fresh new coat of paint.  Mike is in Havana today trying to buy more paint for the second coat.  He has the difficult task of trying to match new paint with the old paint they bought three years ago!  Pray for him.:-)  The block around the church is also trash free since our team has arrived.  Everyday we pick up lots of trash!  Since our last report our mango supply has tripled!  Mindy and I are thinking of making mango jam and mango coffee cake.  What to do with all the mangos!!  We are very honored that the community is so happy we are here and will eat the mangos they give.  We are blessed by their generousity and willingness to share what little they have with us.  On Sunday, the team was given a tractor ride to church where they did another presentation.  I know they were all very glad to not to have to walk!  This church was set up on a hill with many animals.  A cow even stuck its head inside the door to check us out!  We are so happy that we have been given an abundance of opportunities to do evangelism.  We were not expecting to be able to do much and we are all so pleasantly surprised!  
We are well and continuing to thrive here.  Please continue to pray for us!  I am not able to send pictures but have taken many and will hopefully be able to post some once we return to the USA.  

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