The Ecuador teens had a great week.

The Ecuador Team had a great week. The walls for the outhouse were started supplies of water, sand, stone and block were delivered and steel was tied. We now have 4 columns poured on the building. This week we hope to continue to pour columns and lay some blocks at the far end of the pavilion that will serve as a kitchen and an apartment. 

The week was great and so was our weekend. Ana, an Ecuador staff lady, made arrangements for our team to share in churches both Saturday and Sunday evenings. The kids did such a good job! They sound wonderful when they sing together, we have some real talent here. Misha shared his testimony one evening and on Sunday evening Mackayla and Elof shared theirs and Richard Barber (team leader ) shared the message. Saturday we attended a Baptist Church and Sunday was a Four Square Church.

Forgot to share that on Saturday most of he team walked down to the mall for a snack(s) and later in the day they hit the beach for awhile. All in all a nice weekend.

I’m sure you would like to hear from some team members:

From Sam H. 
Over the weekend we got the opportunity to visit two different local churches. On Saturday night we performed several songs at the service. It was a lot of fun to be able to worship together with the congregation, our brothers and sisters here in Ecuador. On Sunday night, our team visited a worship service at a different church. Again we performed by singing, and a couple members shared their testimonies. The exposure to the different culture, churches, and people is very interesting. 

From Jace B. 
This trip has been amazing so far. Not only has the atmosphere and scenery and cultural changes been breathtaking, but we’ve gotten to work hard, have fun, and have been exposed to new cultures. The churches we’ve visited so far were quite a change from what we’re all accustomed too, but that didn’t stop the Holy Spirit from touching our hearts and our minds. It showed me that no matter the language, nor the way you worship, nor how different you are, God is universal and has a way of shining through any and everything. That’s just a beautiful thought for me. P.S. I love all y’all at home! 
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