Guatemala is doing well

It’s hard to believe that we are beginning our 3rd week here in Guatemala!

Our project to construct the second story of a dormitory at Nuevo Rito phase 2 continues to progress well. Most of the walls are up to the halfway point and we are beginning to pour concrete beams on top of them this week. We are also working on the second section of block laying on the stairway, pouring a sidewalk around the dormitory, and painting dormitory rooms at phase 1. 

Our primary worksite is located at phase 2, but we are staying at phase 1 about a mile away. Walking back and forth several times a day has given us a lot of opportunities to interact with the local people. They have been warm and friendly and the kids seem to enjoy waving the the parade of purple construction helmets as we go by. 

Several team members each weekday have had the opportunity to teach English classes. They focus on a different topic each day such as breakfast foods, hygiene products, etc. The kids learn the words and then play games to reinforce the lesson. On Friday Owen, Kayla, Ashlynn, and Zina helped teach. 

On Saturday, we went to one of the poorest local neighborhoods called La Peña. The people there live in simple tin shacks located at the bottom of a steep cliff. We sang, did puppets, shared testimonies, and played tag with the kids. Our team learned that in Guatemala the kids yell “minka” when you get tagged instead of “it”. They did a great job of making the kids feel loved. That afternoon, we went to Walmart and a local shopping mall. The team quickly learned that Guatemalan Walmart is not quite the same as they know back home, but they enjoyed it all the same. 

On Sunday we attended Templo de la Gloria and did a puppet presentation for the kids. Mrs. Sharon preached and we enjoyed the local tostadas after the service. After lunch we did Bible quizzing and played soccer in a beautiful local park located at the base of one of the mountains. 

The team is doing well. We’ve had no major sicknesses or injuries, praise God. The highlight of our day has been our team devotions in the evening. Each night we have a time of worship and one team member shares a testimony or something God has placed on their heart for the team. It has been encouraging and challenging and has caused us to grow closer to God and each other. 

Please continue to pray for us, our work here, and the ministry of Nuevo Reto.

Hey this is Justin, I have been having a great time so far in Guatemala. We are all enjoying playing around with the kids and working on the phase two building. So far there has been no injuries but there has been some mild sickness but everyone has gotten over it. Everyone is getting along pretty well but there are still some rough edges that are being smoothed out. The building we are working on is looking more like a building everyday. We are doing block laying, concrete mixing and steel tying so far. The leaders are trying to get our letters out but we have been having a hard time because their postal system is a mess. Well that is all I have to say so bye guys have a great rest of the day.

Praise the Lord because our building is actually starting to look like a building and because we had fresh strawberries and apples this morning #blessed. Besides the obvious best thing, which is the kids and people here at Nuevo Reto, going out and evangelizing in the community is a lot of fun on the weekends. The Lord is really working in our team, teaching us a ton about love, encouragement, patience and perseverance; there’s no way to thank Him enough for all He’s done and will do. (Side note: Hi family I miss and love y’all! Please don’t forget to feed my fish).

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  1. What a wonderful Ministry! The opportunity to strengthen the spirit of the teens to serve the Lord ! I’m so proud of our Grandson. Owen! This is an experience that will touch his heart and impact his life forever! God bless you all ! I pray for you every day when I wake up.

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