Ministry is going well in Cameroon

We apologize for sending this report a day late. Our internet has been shut off for the past two days. Ministry is going well.  Every day we get up at 5:30 and are out judging the O.C. by 6:00.  After breakfast and personal devotions, we divide up into teaching groups of 3-4 people to teach puppets, music & drama for 3 hours until lunch.  After lunch we have out team classes of Bible marking, G.G., library reading and memory verses.  At 4:30 each afternoon the entire boot camp heads down the hill to the soccer field to play soccer until dinner.  After dinner, we practice our special music presentation and head off to rally.  The team is called up each night with cheers of MTC! (missionaries to Cameroon), MTC!, MTC!  We present a drama, song and creative introduction each night after picky and OC winners are announced.

Sunday night the water pump broke and the whole Boot Camp is out of water.  Monday morning our team had to walk down to the main road where there is well to fill their buckets and carry them back up the hill for us to use for dish line/cooking/bathing & laundry.  There is a technician coming today to find the cause of the problem and hopefully we will have water on this property soon.

Please pray with us for the overall health of the team as there have been some have had upset stomachs and aches. Their rooms have been cleaned out, bathrooms scrubbed, water bottles sanitized and frequent hand washing is a must. The good news is that fruits & vegetables are super cheap and we are able to eat healthy and supplement all meals with everything from pineapple, mango, bananas, apples, cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes and green peppers.

Team Member Comments:

What I have learned from studying my memory verses…

1 (Jazmine): Be prepared. Even the smallest things count.

2 (JonMichael): God uses them to prepare us for his purpose.

3 (Lucas): They are very helpful for telling others about God and what he asks of us.

4 (Madeline): Make sure you know the context of the verse.

5 (Caleb): The Bible has some pretty amazing life advice.

6 (Anthony): If you don’t say them you can miss out on things.

7 (Luke B. “Cam”): When you need them in tough situations.

8 (Kelly):Scripture from the Bible…

9 (Anna M. “Milkman”): I have a bad memory.

10 (Judah): Know what the verse means.

11 (Luke C.): That memorizing scripture is very impactful because the verses in our hearts may be the only pieces of the Bible we have one day.

12 (Anna Y. “AnnaKate”): Memory verses have taught me to always practice and do several reviews.

13 (Mikhaela): I need more time to understand the verse I am memorizing.

What God has been teaching me this summer…

1 (Jazmine): We need each others to lean on in the good and the bad.

2 (JonMichael): That he talks and he has been teaching me how to listen for him.

3 (Lucas): You should be thankful for everything small and big!

4 (Madeline): Live in the now.

5 (Caleb): Prayer works and he will answer it.

6 (Anthony): You can do things not imaginable in Christ.

7 (Luke B. “Cam”): To love one another.

8 (Kelly): To trust in him and now worry about what will happen next.

9 (Anna M. “Milkman”): Patience

10 (Judah): Be thankful

11 (Luke C.): Stop my talking, be quiet and listen to Him.  And although his will may not be what I want, he has a plan.

12 (Anna Y. “AnnaKate”): God has been teaching me that I must thank my family for the little things like running water, etc…

13 (Mikhaela): God has been teaching me gratefulness and to take everything with a grateful heart.  Also patience and self respect.

My favorite part of the Cameroon Boot Camp:

1 (Jazmine): Participating to the kids/teens.  Learning everyone on our team’s unique special personality.

2 (JonMichael): I love when the teens earn their drama and enjoy performing it.  I also love working with this team.

3 (Lucas): Judging the O.C., playing soccer, and making friends with the people here!

4 (Madeline): Seeing all the kids so passionate. I also really like the food.

5 (Caleb): Being in their rally.

6 (Anthony): Praying with the kids and teaching them.

7 (Luke B. “Cam”): The slough…

8 (Kelly): Getting to know the kids and play with them.

9 (Anna M. “Milkman”): The kids.

10 (Judah): Looking at the hills.

11 (Luke C.): Worship at the rally.  It amazes me how God can understand every tongue and all forms of worship are beautiful to him.

12 (Anna Y. “AnnaKate”): Teaching music class… these kiddos are so passionate.

13 (Mikhaela): Praising God with all these amazing people.  Singing and dancing with the classes is such a joy.



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  1. Anyone else read these ten times in the first 5 minutes while trying to absorb every last detail? We are praying for each and every one of you!

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