Opportunities in Poland

Hey y’all!

       Another eventful weekend has come to a close! Yesterday, we traveled by bus out to Wroclaw for some sightseeing and a little bit of shopping. We climbed 300+ stairs up an old church tower and got a beautiful view of the whole city below. We were also able to go to a museum and learn a lot about Polish history, stop for lunch to try some local foods, and see so much beautiful architecture.

       Today, the team was blessed with the opportunity to take part in a Polish church service. It was held up in one of the rooms of the house that the team had been painting this past week. We were able to have Mr. Richard translate the Polish into English, as another translator changed it to Ukrainian AND one into Russian! It was maybe a little bit confusing at times, but it was a huge blessing to be able to share in praise and worship with the small church here and the friends from neighboring countries. So many different cultures all together praising the same awesome God.

       Afterwards, we were able to split the team in half and have each group go visit several of the church members’ houses for lunch for the chance to get to know the locals better. The kids especially had fun playing with the young children, Hannah S and Cassie S both made friends with one of the little girls and Lee made faces to get her laughing. One of the groups was able to sing a few songs in English and then have a go at trying to sing the Polish versions while waiting for lunch. Lucas got the pronunciation down pretty quickly and the rest of us did our absolute best. One of our missionaries would also like to work with us to learn a song in Polish before we head home, as he’s working to learn our English songs. The ladies of the church especially were interested in learning about our culture. We were able to explain to them not only about our school system, as it differs from theirs, but also how even our meals are different. For instance, they have their meals in several courses (Soup, main course, dessert, coffee, then fruit) where we tend to just have one large meal all at once, followed by dessert. It’s fascinating learning the different styles and ways of life here in Poland, as compared to life back in the US.

       Tonight we’re having some verse quizzing. All the kids are currently out practicing verses and doing their reviews in preparation for it. So far, Virginia has shown lots of promise to being a strong quizzer, as her verse reviews are going splendidly. All the kids are doing a great job about applying themselves to learning their verses and keeping up with them. They’ve also been really enjoying our nightly group devotions. They’re all getting the chance to share their testimony, as well as whatever God has laid on their hearts to share with the team. It’s a true inspiration to see their faith growing and maturing as they all open up to each other. All families have their hard times and arguments, but at the end of the day seeing them all come together and share in each others lives is truly an inspiration. We have our hard times, but there’s a lot of love on this team.

       We do ask for prayer, as a small stomach bug/cold has been passing through the team. Plenty of chicken noodle soup, sleep, and a few local broth-remedies (onion water, apparently it tastes like celery and smells like chicken noodle soup) have been helping to get them back on their feet. But prayers are appreciated.

“My time in Poland has been great! I feel like I have learned a lot since I have been here! About the people, culture, and history. The work project has been fun and we have gotten a lot done. I have grown closer to the Lord these past few weeks and I think the whole team has also! Though I miss my family and friends back home. I still cherish this time to unify with God, and with the team!” -Will M.

“This experience has been so amazing for me! And letting us have group devos at night, I’ve learned so much about my secondary family (Team Poland) and now I know how much each of us need each other. We went sightseeing in Wroclaw yesterday, it was so cool to get the full European experience. After we walked around the town square (then got Starbucks! J ) we went climbing up a church tower that was over 300 steps. Steep, twisty, small steps…. But it was worth it at the top. I tried to climb as high as I could to look out as far as I could. I love the thrill of looking down from high places and seeing everyone look like ants. Anyway, I’ve been having so much fun and I’m so happy that I get to spend so much time with my secondary family.” -Aryn M.

“Well, Poland is an experience. So far, we have taken out a brick wall, cleaned, sorted, and stacked bricks, stacked clay roof tiles, white washed and painted several rooms. Although the work is hard and a little tough at times, it is awesome to see the team work together for the glory of God. This experience is one that I’m sure we will never forget. I hope and pray that God uses us to do amazing things these last few weeks in Poland.” Poland 13 Poland 13 Poland 13 Poland 13 Poland 13-Erik H.

Until next time!  Love from Team Poland.


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