Greetings from Team Poland!

Greetings from Team Poland! The team is having a blast learning the unique Christian greetings here in Poland. Chwala panu bogu is what the Christians say to greet each other. The greeting literally translated means “GPoland 13 DSCN0340 DSCN0333 DSCN0336lory to God”. Our team is learning more about their own Christian walk by watching and learning from the local people. The way they say good bye us just as profound. Zostancie panem bogiem which means “stay with God”, always encouraging their brothers and sisters in Christ. 

            The sanctuary in the house church is now completed and looking wonderful and fresh. We have now moved on to working on what will become the fellowship hall and kitchen. The painting has been completed. The floor in the fellowship hall is rotten so we are tearing it out and replacing the plywood. Lee P., Aryn M., Kassie E. Joshua B. and Mr. Thomas enjoyed throwing junk from the second story window. Some of the debris made some noise startling us who were inside. 

             Tonight, we’ll hopefully be able to do some more work on our drama, as we will most likely be able to present at a park this coming weekend. The kids have shown a lot of interest in learning it, and are showing a good deal of talent in that area. 

            Yesterday, Miss Julie and Miss Isabelle were able to go check out the room in town where we will be holding our English classes next week. The room is located in a small theater in the center of town. It’s the perfect size for several small groups, and we’re excited to get started on putting together lesson plans and organizing how we’ll be doing our English classes. The kids are more than ready to get started on ESL classes.

            The kitchen is still overflowing with blessings, as today our Ukranian friends brought us more chocolate and a sort of vanilla cookie bar. We currently have several of their children in the kitchen, trying to catch the bubbles Miss Julie is blowing. It’s really fun to watch the interaction as they speak very little English, but with children it’s easy to bridge the gap between languages when there’s lots of bubbles and maybe a little bit of candy to go around. Allie was able to have a mini water fight with a few of them and they played a small game of hide and scare. That’s all for now! 

“Living and working in Poland has given me a new perspective on refugees and immigrants, since (as Paul said) we are sojourners in the world–not of it, but living in it. Of course, not knowing the language make things more interesting, but eh basic principles is the same anywhere you go. I wish we had a longer time in country to work for them and learn the Polish words to some of the hymns I know in English. Or any worship songs – I don’t care that much as long as I can sing it!”-Hannah S. 

“So far, Poland is a great place. We live in a small town with lovely people. When I first got here, I was relieved to see a shower and beds. Also, I was happy to see someone that could speak English (Mr. Richard). Mr. Richard showed us to so many things. From worksites to food, we as so gracious. Our project was changed, so our team had to be flexible. We ended up moving bricks and cleaning them at a barn, and painting the church we’re staying at.” -Virginia L.


  1. Thank you for the update. We really enjoy hearing all about what the Poland team is doing. Keep up the good work. You are all in our daily thoughts and prayers. Shout out to Erik H.

    Don and Memy

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