Hello from China!

Hello from China!  This week started off like many of the others, our campers arrived on Monday afternoon and about 1/2 of the team has been partnered with camp teams to help out with afternoon activities while the remainder of the team is finishing up construction projects around camp.  Although, our status quo week changed on Monday evening when it started to rain.  It didn’t just sprinkle, as it has been doing much of the time we’ve been here, it began to dump torrential amounts of rain.  We have not heard exactly how much rain we received in the last 24 hours, but we are certain it has been in the inches.  Many team members woke up with standing water in their tents & flooded areas around camp.  Everyone’s boots were wet and Tuesday was spent trying to stay dry & ringing out our bedding.   The team was unable to do any outdoor construction projects but we were able to catch up on our classes and do some Bible verse quizzing.  The team really enjoys quizzing. We are grateful that the camp has a drier, we were able to use it to dry all of the bedding.  Tuesday evening the team slept indoors in the large rally room.  We will continue to sleep there until our tents dry out or the rain stops.  The long range weather forecast says that the rains should stop on Friday.  Thank you for the continued prayers.  The team has had a great attitude through this all, but we know that the weather can be discouraging.  Please pray that we will be able to continue to work at the camp and minister to the campers.  

Since we had some extra free time yesterday due to the rain, we asked everyone to reflect on their time here & send a message home:

China is really fun.  Calvary Chapel Wichita youth would love the food.  It is very much like our Mexican food. – Tabitha P.

Hello everyone! I am doing great, as in I’m still alive.  I love China, my China team, and the people here.  I am having tons of fund and am taking lots of pictures.  I love and miss you, Mom & Dad, Kayla and Sampson! – Logan B.

Everyday I feel as if I am drawing closer and closer to Christ and I can defiantly see Him answering my prayers.  My time here in China has been amazing so far and I hope the children see Christ working through our team. – Savanna A.

I am really enjoying China.  I know some Chinese, so I am able to speak with the kids.  I have started to be closer with some other team members and also closer to Christ. – Sam J.

So, Hello fam.  I’m really enjoying China.  I bought two lit shirts in Taiyuan and even going souvenir shopping soon!  It’s awesome going out of my comfort zone.  I love you Mom & Dad. – Andrew F.

My friend has become a sledge hammer.  Yes, I got my birthday wish to smoosh stuff.   Also, I have enjoyed it here being challenged beyond my comfort zone. – Sam P.

I love being able to hang out with the campers.  Being here in China is so much fun!  I love being able to help the camp and the people around the camp. – Izzy W.

The campers are really fun to talk and bond with, even though there’s a bit of a language barrier.  The tents are flooded, but the campers hearts are flooded too!….with love. – Alethea R.

On Sunday, we got to go to Taiyuan.  We went to a Chinese church service (which was confusing), and then we went to KFC/McDonalds (which tastes the same in the U.S.) for lunch.  After, we got to go shopping.  We went to a cool shopping mall, a cool coffee shop, and then Starbucks.  It was fun! – Maddy C.

So far China has been an excellent experience, although due to the fact that I’m half Chinese (and look like it) I have had many instances where people think I speak Chinese.  The food and travel days are great; but interacting with the campers easily rivals these. – Isaac L.

I love it here in China.  I remembered most of the people here.  I am learning a lot here.  I miss you guys a lot! – Preston T.

I’m having a blast in China.  It’s fun watching the kids have fun every week.  The work projects are a lot of fun.  The weather is beautiful it’s warm during het day and nice and cool at night.  But I can’t wait to get home. – Joshua P.

I am really enjoying China even though my tent is soaked.  My leader James is really cool.  Anyway, this is really cool.  – Simon B.

So far it’s going great!  When it rains our tents get all wet but it’s ok.  God is really working in my this summer and I can’t wait to get home and share what he has been doing.  The kids are really awesome so far.  I’m really loving China. –Lea A.

1 Ryan 3:16 – For God so loved our China Camp that he sent the rain, that whosoever sleeps in a tent will not perish, but have a horrible nights sleep. – Lauren H.

China is quite fun, the sights, my team and the people are really cool.  But Lord save me from the tofu! – Garrett J.

I’m really enjoying my trip.  Working with all my friends on the team helps us grow closer.  We all love spending time with the campers even though we can’t understand each other.  God is using us in great ways. – Madi S.

I am having a lot more fun with the construction projects than I expected!  Although, yesterday I helped mix 8 gabs of mortar that was destroyed by the rain…oh well.  Happy 21st Birthday Meg! – Erin C.

China has been amazing so far.  Spending time with the kids and learning bout the Chinese culture has been fun. My trip to China has helped me learn a lot and grow in my faith.  I miss you lots Mom & Dad J – Emma C.

Everything has been so incredible!  I don’t think I felt culture shock until I saw the toilets!  Working with the kids and leaders here is such an adventure.  God has used this trip to stretch my faith ad He has proven faithful in every way. – Elise S.

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