Summer Schemes keeping Ireland busy!

Good afternoon! I’m typing this while the team is fully involved with about 55 little kids! I can hear them running around upstairs playing games and laughing hysterically. This week has brought all our training at Boot Camp in to play and I think they all see how it is really necessary to go through all of it now!

The Summer Schemes at Abbey Presbyterian Church started on Monday. There are about 7 different groups of kids and our team are the leaders for each group. They have stepped up to the task! At the beginning of the scheme, we present a different Bible story each day through puppets and a narrator. The puppets are affectionately known as “Chris and Stacy” and are well loved by all the kids. They normally present a puppet song afterwards before separating into their groups for a workbook project, craft, snack, and a game. It certainly keeps all of the team on their toes. 

In the evenings we do an outreach to older kids, teenagers, called Alive with Abbey Presbyterian as well. The numbers of teenagers who showed up was very low last night so the team had an impromptu trip to a nearby park for open air evangelism – a new experience for many. The opportunity may happen again tonight and we ask for your prayer that the team will be able to step outside their comfort zones and present the Gospel effectively. 

While the team seems to have common cold because of the weather, spirits are still high. We enjoy watching your sons and daughters grow and mature and step up to the task at hand. We will finish out this week at Abbey Presbyterian Church and this weekend we’re all looking forward to a trip into Belfast City to see City Hall and the Titanic Museum! The team wishes you all much love. I will send more testimonies and pictures later.

The Northern Ireland Team

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